Foggy paths

“Are you afraid?”, asked Clare. The touch of his quivering hand said that he was. “No, I’m not. I know you are there with me.” It was a long drive ahead, the paths were foggy and internet connectivity poor.  But together, they hoped they would make it to the destination. and


If you feel

I know you keep the window open for me. I would like to jump in through the window, and hold your hand. We have lived in the comfort of each other’s company for so long. I know you keep the window open for me, because the door is locked, and the Rogue Magician will not … Continue reading If you feel

Human mind

Amnesia is not a dreaded word. It has not been one for decades. One can find life again and reconnect. Somehow, this episode is different. I find myself in a world without Facebook and Instagram. There is no digital backup of life, and no tattoos on my body. The fire has damaged more than my … Continue reading Human mind

Fire in the snow

It’s an unusual sight – soldiers pouring in bottles of Old Monk rum down the throat of a frozen mule, to generate heat within. The mule is a comrade who stepped on thin ice, with a burden on his back, and was buried in snow. There is no way that a soldier lets go of … Continue reading Fire in the snow

I don’t like being alone

The face I meet inside is not as scary as the ones etched on the gate. She has pale, alabaster skin with a wide-eyed innocent look. I wonder aloud how she lives alone in that expansive space. I expect fear in her eyes, but surprisingly, she looks okay with it. Born to the manor, perhaps, … Continue reading I don’t like being alone


The sky was clear now, after a rainy spell of many years …. that’s right – years, not days or months. She had wished to soak in encouragement, enthusiasm and admiration. But her near and dear ones had chosen to be dampeners instead. They feared her power, the expanse of her flight and they feared … Continue reading Alone