I found you somewhere there, in those toys for garage sale .... (maybe your bloated ego) Really? You cared enough to find me? Only you could have chucked out that red doll - so precious to my deprived childhood, and hoped to see me amongst buyers. Tell me, who was looking for whom?


“Job completed as per instructions. Flag raised to the recommended height, and set to fly at the stipulated time…” This is another routine report the Admin Head checks every day at work. But today is different. The employee who executed the task has been sacked, and his own job is at stake. “What the hell …

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Life changes

Cinema has gone digital, but I have changed. I feel suffocated in dark movie theaters. Screens at home serve the purpose well, with added benefits of multitasking. beauty of antiquity bewitching charms of the past forays into dark they once held me spellbound with cosy companions (276 characters)

Foggy paths

“Are you afraid?”, asked Clare. The touch of his quivering hand said that he was. “No, I’m not. I know you are there with me.” It was a long drive ahead, the paths were foggy and internet connectivity poor.  But together, they hoped they would make it to the destination. and