Balance, Harmonyoverhyped wordswhat really mattersan equalizer-Temperaturefreezes or thawsfacilitates, obstructs ice enhances tastefiery opens new vistaswhat’s tolerablehow far can you go combinations are treatiessigned by incorporatingright mix and balance Temperature lies at the core dVerse Quadrille Photo Challenge #450



I shudder to thinkhow candy became superfluousin a practical mindsetso-called maturityI’m afraid the buried childwill wake up and demandshort-term gratificationsomedayto make life seem worthwhileand that moment of joywill outliveprofundity of existencediscovered elsewhere Quadrille #166 at dVerse


It is the same houseonce inhabited by generositynow plundered by successors-they’ve taken awayvalues and wishes of harmonyprinciples and precious belongings heat of argumentspervades the airwispy strands of warmthdisappear into oblivion legacies do not definethey degenerate.. dVerse Quadrille