It is the same houseonce inhabited by generositynow plundered by successors-they’ve taken awayvalues and wishes of harmonyprinciples and precious belongings heat of argumentspervades the airwispy strands of warmthdisappear into oblivion legacies do not definethey degenerate.. dVerse Quadrille



gather your thoughts before you speaklest you are called a scatterbrain thoughts need to move towards a goalkeep it on track, direct the train don't let those cannons unnerve youopposite wills just try to reign calm and visible in dark lanes Weekend Writing Prompt #282

Performance Appraisal

dreaded time of yearto pass through the eye of a needlebe scanned under a microscopeget electrocardiogramsto check increased heartbeats before I knowif the bell tolls for meor my future goes down the drainfrom the dreaded bell curve Written for Quadrille at DVerse What is a bell curve in performance appraisals. Read here


unearthing fraudsteaches a lotintent, human errordeep-rooted conspiracies,cool demeanor just when I thoughtI can’t believeanyone again evermy soul challengeswith an invisible mirror toughest of alltrack my own thoughtswhere do they originatewhom do they hit… Written for dVerse Quadrille


uneven, undulating pathsunnecessary complexityunnerves weak minds unaccessed, unknown worldspainted black - ignoredby fear and greed measly selves clutch onto inflated identitiesresist transformation eggs that do not breakforever unbornopportunity wasted crossing over-first stepto spiritual coronationsfinal destinations Written for RXC#250

Just doing

pouring creativity in routinesletting thoughts emergeclassifying, reclassifyingaccepting, rejectingenshrining, embalmingrelegating to binsout of my mind, butindestructible on the webbringing perspectives to lifefeigning empathywhile being engrossedin my own pathos Is this all workor life? Written for dVerse Quadrille hosted by Lisa

Mornings break or make

I have a set of four quadrilles for the Quadrille#158 prompt at dVerse he drives past a red lightis penalizedthinks it’s less gruesomethan facing the monster bossa few minutes later He thinks of his beautiful houseand then the EMIwhich makes him stick to the jobpretend to worshiphis monster boss an endless daystretches before himnot knowing … Continue reading Mornings break or make