Delete files

Time complains as I browse through books of life find pages populated by memories, karma voices and remnants imperceptible imprints disappointment, guilt gnawing away silently at potential Can you make space by deleting files to write the future, give meaning to existence? Time complains…


rolling stones gather no moss smoothness facilitates motion adaptability to different terrains nominates them for victory static rocks acquire character -are worshiped for history they support -till they forget worlds beyond their compressed energy suffocates - unaware that release is possible they can live again…

Fluid Plans

we are different like chalk and unerasable ink we write life stories with preferred tools I retain liberty to erase, reimagine, rewrite. your plan is religion and change sacrilege I let hard lines be washed to make way for new flowing colors of life

On familiar grounds

transitoriness with a promise of recurrence -seasons promise coveted comfort I let fleeting thoughts become algorithms for future on familiar grounds change disturbs catches me unprepared with suitable clothing or temperature controls A new thought strikes I don’t have decoding software Catastrophe… Reject it…


stone tablets to leaves, to paper -silent witnesses to history in a state of decay giving way to mutable backgrounds alterable at will -to redefine context prove your truth screens instill hope history will neither support nor oppose -just transform to suit the future Written for dVerse Quadrille #148 - Papered Poems


windows to the soul give a filtered view with coloured lenses -eyes are no longer a barometer to the truth thick eyeglasses gauging stuff assume bare eyes do not give a clear picture vision deceives- without judgement only minds can apply backed by experience

A decision

unstable feet advance slowly, carefully on wet ground eyes perplexed by a difficult choice -rainbow reflections in puddles below present myriad possibilities on slippery ground A drizzle washes away saltiness on cheeks -sunrays wink from the blues I think I have reached a conclusion