Negativity - a muse-um of thoughts burden of fears from past experience riding our back -moments passed long ago buried in history -shadows live like ghosts walking amidst us pulling us back creating mistrust -muse over imperceptible layers bid them goodbye to Move ahead…

Impostor Syndrome

Will you recognise me without the crown? It’s the real me yet so unlike me emeralds of wisdom rubies of knowledge diamonds of trust which you gave me… I wander between gems blinded by lustre find myself in cracks burst out in full glory


I fight for level playgrounds on shaky earth feet trembling with underground tremors They say the earthquake never happened… It’s pure insanity… finding balance with manacled limbs fighting for rights never granted… Fair play assumes equality But I don’t live in an equal world…


Photo by Gratisography on change crosses my path every day imperceptibly slow -sometimes I stop and evaluate how far have I come careening change sweeps me to other planes leaves me gasping for breath wondering If I’m still alive… Change mocks I don’t change impact on you changes


Bare feet bruised by pebbles bloodless pain painless blood strewn on pathways -meaningless milestones -rocky obstructions -tiny stones puncture fast-moving wheels Each one has stories to tell describe their personal hell I just took too long to listen to write hurt in red

Hatred lingers on..

those fire-spewing eyes change expression linger a little longer  on her body she remembers lewdness of his crawling fingers on her sleeping helplessness she wants to slap him,  tear him to pieces he would be ashamed of The creep  Is her abusive husband

In the groove

get a kick from groovy stuff Chase those halos others can see stop being a watcher know what’s your groove work hard, work hard… to reach there Then, the rest of your life… protect manipulate fight for your right to remain in your groove

How her heart beats

pain written all over her existence she connects to parts of her body with trepidation another’s will inflicted on her being A womb owned, assaulted by heartless beasts for a male child pacemakers support life She has forgotten how her heart used to beat

Emotional Abuse

Do you see footprints of humiliation on your psyche leaving scars? Walk away Don’t validate…. Are you blocked out when you protest left out in the cold? Go visit Mars Walk away Don’t validate…. It’s emotional abuse Take a stand Walk away Don’t validate…