threads tied on branches of a revered tree promise wish fulfilment the tree awaits return of seekers to untie knots In gratitude the tree awaits disentanglement to sort out good from bad It has given away non-judgementally A need to be fair unfulfilled …..

Speed of thought

lightness of birds enables flights to far-off lands conquering skies desolate landscapes silence of nights enables sound to supercede cries sarcasm in speech imagined slights damage relationships more than lies swiftness of thought with all its might makes it superior to physical size

Point A to Point B

just being there gives no joy of reaching  destinations -Journey matters going  or being taken to places I don’t want  to be in… -Will matters travel  does not a journey make sounds do not make songs happenings do not a story make -Choice matters


humans in boxes complain the box is different from what others  live in… they feel uncomfortable In fresh air It’s scary, they say too much freedom… They look for  a change of box not a way out maybe a way to a larger box


landing dab in the middle of chaotic states being stabbed where  voice originates nobody has a clue of the grit it takes to just survive, not win or create majorities always win without debate it feels as if makers of the world died intestate


shooting flames throw some light dark secrets from past tumble out – fond memories take a flight diaries hidden In book covers speak a different language than warmth of fireplace I freeze – a chill hovers neither a pull, nor a hook my once cherished inglenook


untainted untouched yet not a virgin… It is a place  where ideas meet form neural pathways blossom  to take different shapes and mingle with my life I’m fiercely possessive I don’t share  keep it away  from crooks It is my Zen corner My inglenook…