Rocky Terrains

Prompt line given by Mish on dVerse What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this stony rubbish? The Wasteland, T.S. Eliot It is her first email, six months after she got married. “I did not communicate, because I did not know what to tell you. …that it was a rash decision … More Rocky Terrains

Doing our duty

“Chuck out the non-believers” goes the refrain. The leader who refused to open places of worship to stem a possible Third Wave of Covid is on target. I see a small postscript below social media messages “Forward to 15 people to escape the wrath of Gods.” It’s a God-fearing, not God-loving population that gives in … More Doing our duty

Washed Ink

I don’t sympathise with a restless adversary trying to justify his heinous act. But I can’t deny it is opening up another perspective, Maybe he tried to help….  And then that letter is placed in my hands – to prove that he tried his best. It is worded cryptically, and as I move towards the … More Washed Ink

Tangential paths

“I understand what you’re saying. But if I change direction, how do I explain it to all my followers? How do I go back on my words and say it was all wrong?” “There is no right or wrong. Are you convinced you need a new direction?” Yes. The bigotry I drilled into people gave … More Tangential paths

No Camouflage

Itisha is arrested for a social media post, which is perceived as being inimical to the interest of the powerful. Fear pervades the neighbourhood, as her family gathers funds to engage a lawyer, and lives in dread of the midnight knock. Her father comes across an email from Goodreads, which shows that Itisha has been … More No Camouflage


If you are a dreamer, come in.. The line is from Shel Silverstein’s poem, Invitation, as published in his wonderful book, Where the Sidewalk Ends.  Shel Silverstein is an American writer, poet, cartoonist, songwriter and playwright.  The prompt is set by Lillian at dVerse Poets Pub We don’t walk around here, we float, without moving from our … More Floaters


Rumour mills are agog that the President’s wife is a super-natural being. Domestic staff says mirrors do not reflect her presence. I pinch myself to confirm if I exist, if I’m real. Does a world exist outside my mind, my imagination?  I probe the voice, which talks about the President’s wife. There is yet another … More Floating

Magic Tree

It was an unusual night. I smashed the past with outdated hammers, and left them behind to blame each other. I went out to the hazel wood, because a fire was in my head. I needed to build the future. I described my dream to the trees and they nodded in denial. How could they … More Magic Tree


I spoke to two friends today – a corporate executive and a doctor. Both echoed the same thoughts in response to “How are things with you?” The fifty plus generation does not have much paid work left to do,  We have hit a glass ceiling. Experience is an impediment to those who want rookies to … More Bone-Weary

Summation of Life

“I have a clearer view of things now”. He was speaking with his eyes closed, and his favourite music playing in the background. “Are you ready to get the will registered?” His wife sounds impatient. “Not yet. But reading the book The Future of Your Money has given me immense clarity on what I would … More Summation of Life