Magic Tree

It was an unusual night. I smashed the past with outdated hammers, and left them behind to blame each other. I went out to the hazel wood, because a fire was in my head. I needed to build the future. I described my dream to the trees and they nodded in denial. How could they … More Magic Tree


I spoke to two friends today – a corporate executive and a doctor. Both echoed the same thoughts in response to “How are things with you?” The fifty plus generation does not have much paid work left to do,  We have hit a glass ceiling. Experience is an impediment to those who want rookies to … More Bone-Weary

Summation of Life

“I have a clearer view of things now”. He was speaking with his eyes closed, and his favourite music playing in the background. “Are you ready to get the will registered?” His wife sounds impatient. “Not yet. But reading the book The Future of Your Money has given me immense clarity on what I would … More Summation of Life

Beyond the wall

The monsters on the other side have imprisoned a fairy.  The fairy can solve all kids’ problems. We search online to see if she is accessible, but it appears she is the old-fashioned type who work with a wand and wings. We are willing to help her out with gadgets, if the wands and wings … More Beyond the wall

Wrong end

“I’ve never been to a place of worship. I don’t believe in God.” “One doesn’t have to worship to believe in God. Religion is a man-made institution, with an imaginary God as a central character. The Creator is not confined to any structure.” “Imaginary is the word”, he continued with an animated expression, “Do you … More Wrong end

Starry nights

I envy stars. They reflect borrowed light, and make the night worthwhile. They twinkle unashamedly, unmindful of their tiny size. They are a constant in the sky, not afraid of the density of passing clouds. Denizens of the earth write stories and songs around them. In their dreams, they sleep with the moon and envy … More Starry nights


She woke up with a start. It was the same dream once again. She stands alone on the banks of a river. The water has a reddish tinge, not blue. A red moon rides on the humps of the low river hills. The dark figure with multiple limbs is fast approaching her. A human turning … More Mysterious


The silence is unnerving. It is also something I’d always longed for, but never thought I would have. I see shadows emerging from the other end. They look like me, but are wedded to silence. Then, she appears- looking rather pale and ghostly, not the woman I loved and missed so much. I’m surprised at … More Silence


It is terrifying to see him slip into depths of insanity. Others-centeredness has destroyed his core. The youngest child raised in a large, joint family – he was taught that being good meant being obedient and servile. He always needed a god to worship, and a cult to follow. Shorn of deities after his parents … More Self-inflicted