“Life is about giving, irrespective of your own needs”. My revered grandmother kept repeating this. I follow her advice in taking care of the drug addicts, unemployed and other needy members in the family. Nevertheless, they continue to be a nuisance with their behavior. Nor did I realize that my need for approval drives me … Continue reading Giving


Walking through the woods may have been a way of life for some. I booked a safari to drive through the forest in a jeep, with a professional driver. I’m expected to believe what they tell me about the animals, my own research notwithstanding.  Then the unexpected happens. A tiger is sitting on the bonnet … Continue reading Conversation

Risk of Living

Those were the days when life was a dream waiting to happen…. I wandered lonely as a cloud, and dreamt of lifelong friends, soul-stirring conversations, ever expanding networks and spheres of influence. Human beings survive on hope and imagination.  Everything that is yet to happen is beautiful. It keeps us moving towards a goal post. … Continue reading Risk of Living

Dynamic pages

I hold the manuscript of her book, as I walk out of the graveyard after her funeral.  “The story has not ended. I find new meaning in every word, as the characters unfold and express their deepest selves.” Her words on the last call pierce my psyche. Am I one of the characters? Our relationship … Continue reading Dynamic pages

A creative life I looked up at Sangeeta as a mentor - my research guide at one stage. The bonding continued over books, coffee and no-holds-barred discussions.  She stayed alone, but connected to the world with her writing. Her amazing clarity of thought often created discomfort, as the paradigm shift created by her vision made people feel … Continue reading A creative life

Strangers Strangers not so strange ….they share a special bond with me. They look at me with compassion, seem to understand my agony and pour out theirs. I dress in their stories patterned and purple as night, and life is not the same again. I’m not alone, nor am I unique. Stories seem to merge … Continue reading Strangers

Bombarded There are times I take a stand on something. Others don’t agree. There’s a ferocious backlash, but I’m okay with it. I believe in whatever I’ve said. There are times I don’t come up to expectations of others, and they react. I’m fine with it, as I don’t live to meet others’ expectations. Then, … Continue reading Bombarded

Rocky Terrains

Prompt line given by Mish on dVerse What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow out of this stony rubbish? The Wasteland, T.S. Eliot It is her first email, six months after she got married. “I did not communicate, because I did not know what to tell you. …that it was a rash … Continue reading Rocky Terrains

Doing our duty “Chuck out the non-believers” goes the refrain. The leader who refused to open places of worship to stem a possible Third Wave of Covid is on target. I see a small postscript below social media messages “Forward to 15 people to escape the wrath of Gods.” It’s a God-fearing, not God-loving population that gives … Continue reading Doing our duty

Washed Ink

I don’t sympathise with a restless adversary trying to justify his heinous act. But I can’t deny it is opening up another perspective, Maybe he tried to help….  And then that letter is placed in my hands - to prove that he tried his best. It is worded cryptically, and as I move towards the … Continue reading Washed Ink