The bell rang at the unearthly hour of 1.30 am, but there was no one outside. It happened three more times, and the call bell got burnt after a prolonged Qrrr… sound. She was paralysed with fear when the phone rang, but her sister had picked it up. “Dad passed away after a massive myocardial … More Connect


“I love emojis …. how they save you time and effort to express something…” “Do you use the stock images, or create your own?” “Why should I spend time on it, when there are content creation teams doing it?” “Those teams also ensure that you stay within acceptable limits of expression …. Actually they impose … More Emo-filters

Venomously yours

“Masked faces do not prevent loose lips from causing havoc.” “Glad to know you recognise muffled voices….” “Your sarcasm is endless. But I’m glad to let you know it has not dented my reputation and plans in any way.” “Watch out for what hits you tomorrow. I suggest you unzip your eyes, before you do … More Venomously yours


It moves from East to West or so I think, but are there trajectories I don’t see? It blazes through my psyche, burns consciousness as I struggle to make sense of it. Back on my feet, I await another night, another soil ….. and solitude to plant the seeds of thought. Will the seeds be … More Uncertainty


“Dr. Diana, did you seek permission from the clients before hypnotising them, as per professional ethics?” “They are not sane enough to decide for themselves, but benefit from the treatment given.” “I understand you wrote “Fairies on the menu tonight” in the invite for Dinner with Diana, and dressed as a fairy yourself.” “It was … More Nested

In a trance

Dinner with Diana on Fridays was a ritual, inmates of the asylum had always followed …. some had to be wheeled in by attendants, in a semi-conscious state after medication, but they were all present. ‘You know what, the shots aren’t as bad as you think, and I like the way they put me in … More In a trance


She came every Thursday, dressed in a shade of blue matching her eyes and her straight, long, auburn tresses burnt the consciousness of all participants there.  “I’m fit enough to leave the asylum”, declared a confident-looking young man. “Good to know that, and I’ll bid you goodbye after you have undergone the mandatory tests.” “I … More Confusion


I see people praying around me, but not for me. My flame wavers, but there is no protection from gusty winds and unseasonal rains. They derive hope from me, but do not recognise the agony within. Colour bursts are captured in two-dimensional images, circulated and glorified, but the depth of my existence remains unexplored. I … More Afterglow


I take a bow to the deafening applause on the “Film Maker of the Year” Award.  The acceptance speech was rehearsed several times, but I find myself swirling in a sea of emotions, seeing the myriad expressions around me. “It is all about editing skills,” I say, “different clips from different lives and stories weave … More Story-tellers