I’ve been a loner all my life. I do step out at times, but feel totally lost in a sea of people who look as human as me, but carry totally different mindsets. I wonder if the helix of their DNA got twisted a wee bit more than mine, or their neural pathways.. I’m happy … More Loner


“The products shown on my feed change, the prices change. I’m never sure if I’m buying things at the right price.” “Why are so fickle minded, when they offer you at least six bonus items included in the substantially discounted price?” “Excuse me … who is fickle minded? Why can’t they show a standard price … More Deal

States of being

“Those dreams were so real, not surreal, when Venus and Neptune clouded our vision, and we saw the future with borrowed lenses,”Anisha watches the steam rise from her coffee cup, as she talks about her recent divorce. Tanya is more optimistic as she draws something on a paper napkin and writes on it “The Future … More States of being

Most sensitive human

She sees black figures wrapping themselves around people, as they board the train. In a minute, she is screaming and running across the railway platform asking for the train to be cancelled, in anticipation of disaster. She is ignored as being a lunatic. In less than an hour, news about a train accident flashes across … More Most sensitive human

Gurus and followers

Jim Rohn said it long back, “You are the average of five people close to you, ” and it includes the authors, speakers, gurus you are influenced by. I keep writing and revising the list, wondering if I’m on the right path, or do I need to change it to meet my goals.  It’s a … More Gurus and followers


“Colleagues and partners have turned against him in the trial. He faces a prison sentence for at least 10 years.” “Maybe he failed to reward them adequately. Or maybe they did not believe in the cause he was driving.” “Your network is your net worth. They forgot to add it needs to be a supportive … More Networks


I’m sure I saw Gautam walk through a wall, but I’ve been consigned to an asylum for saying that. Buddha developed these powers after enlightenment, but treated it as of no special consequence. She couldn’t think of Gautam ever meditating, but could it be that she  had developed a special power of seeing his spiritual … More Enlightenment


“A coaching business thrives because educators failed somewhere,” It seemed a rather rude thing to say at the school reunion, attended by some teachers held in high regard. He continued nevertheless, “You taught us Literature, Science, Maths and so much more, but nothing about the fundamental tenet of existence – Who am I?” “Well, have … More Tectonic