“There are no permanent enemies or friends in politics”, sighed the party loyalist on seeing his leader shake hands with their bete noire, “all the intense battles we fought have come to nought today.” “The quest for power demands a different discipline. Nobody hands over power to you on a platter,” came another voice with … Continue reading Eclipse

Why is it unacceptable?

“I can handle dissent, not insanity,” the chauvinist speaks in a tone of assumed authority, which is not really his. “What you term as insanity is an eruption of long-suppressed flames or instincts… at least you know what was brewing within.” “Whatever is brewing is not acceptable to me or society…” “Whatever is unacceptable arouses … Continue reading Why is it unacceptable?

At the stroke of midnight

Wake up and move on … plan your day well …for nothing will change at the stroke of midnight The sun will rise, chirping birds declare a new day … a cluster of souls around you … will you know if they are the same ones … from heaven or hell Will that really matter, … Continue reading At the stroke of midnight

Optical Illusion

“I’m addicted to these optical illusion pictures. The website claims the key to my personality type lies in what I see first.” “Why do you need someone else to decipher your mindset?” “It gives an objective view.” “You are actually … talking to yourself, to all those hidden layers whose existence you deny. The picture … Continue reading Optical Illusion


The chamber is dark, but she can sense blood trickling towards the door. Her entire life is being streamed live by some unknown source … and yes, she discovers truths she had missed, or rather chosen to deny. She wants to make accusations, seek explanations or correct certain perspectives, including her own. But the grip … Continue reading Finale

Emotional Intelligence

“Do you remember how crazy he was about her, just a couple of years ago …. I’m taken aback by the venom he spews about her now, as if all the good in her evaporated in a storm?” “There you are, Julie …. We are unaware of the storms that pass through the mind of … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence


I refuse to switch off notifications, despite all the lessons on building focus and concentration and effective time management that you keep showering on me. I’ll still manage to complete my book, because I find something to inspire and give my thoughts a new angle.  I’d never have been your father, if I hadn’t strayed … Continue reading Detours


It’s no mean feat to organize a high-profile wedding which will be talked about for months. 5 pm is a little too early for firecrackers as the sky is still sunny and bright, and arranging air conditioning for the large guest list has taken a toll on the budget . Confetti on the guests at … Continue reading Mega-weddings

Myth of Control

“I’ve reached the end of the tether …. The team will never deliver the results I want, just like my daughter’s magic doll.” “What about the magic doll?” I’m sure there’s a metaphor coming up. “She gives it a silver wash to make it look like an alien, and the paint cracks up  in a … Continue reading Myth of Control

Get another lawyer

“Every frame in this house is created to make you look your best”, says Gail Wynand to Dominique Francon, characters in the novel Fountainhead. “I didn’t know about your interest in literary fiction.” “Nor did I, but I quote this today to reject the agreement draft. I won’t sign this.” “But why?” “Every term in … Continue reading Get another lawyer