I live alone in fear of arguments, and I sing alone in fear of dissonance, but please do not judge me. I write but do not publish, so that uninitiated readers may not disturb the rhythm with uncalled for comments. Yet, the meter of my verse feels incomplete; it speaks but lacks validation. There are … Continue reading Incomplete


Frozen Sea inside Me

Denise gives me a ponderable quote. “A book should be an ax to chop open the frozen sea inside us” I go ahead and  choose a book that seems relevant. I’m engulfed by dizziness, just when I’m on the verge of a breakthrough, landing in a whirlpool. My feet are shackled by guilt, as I … Continue reading Frozen Sea inside Me


A drop in the ocean promises to stand by another, till it is swept away by a large wave and merged in strong currents. It meets other drops but is unable to identify its kith and kin that came from the same river of origin, their identities being merged and submerged by  stronger force. Life … Continue reading Unconfined

Google it

"You share this planet with googols of other living beings – it’s a huge responsibility.” “What are we talking about - environment, wealth or something else? I’m not playing around with anybody’s life and if certain things do shift, am I supposed to feel guilty about rearranging things in the universe, and giving them a … Continue reading Google it


You fear explosions; they threaten to blow up long-held structures.I analyze implosions; question, learn a lot from small ruptures The external captivates you; it’s just an extension of your visionIt’s your mission, your view; adopted and adapted position You want to conquer rage of the ocean, worship navarchyYou stem energy dissipation; I celebrate anarchy Six … Continue reading Contraventions


The Sixarians are an interesting bunch of people - intellectuals with distinctly different styles of writing, drawing inspiration from different feeds across the world, who come together to share ideas when Denise hosts her weekly event. Are they branches of the same tree? Not really, they are roots, branches and leaves who combine to make … Continue reading Branches

Too Late

“You don’t like me because I’m not like you. Take time to understand that I’m different, because I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in being so, in giving a structure to my life that helps in nurturing my own dreams.” Tears well up in my eyes, obstructing further reading of the note. Only … Continue reading Too Late


We’ve always been here, seeing each other, communicating in deemed interactions –where words are exchanged but understanding is zero. It’s like a transparent film separates us, but also serves as a string that does not let us drift too far apart. Born to the same parents, the manner in which we absorbed the same reality … Continue reading Twins

Hallowed Circles

Jamie wonders if the office will miss him, as he walks out after quitting his sixth job. It was not very long ago, when the Chief’s voice was singing his praise in the corridor, loud enough for everyone to hear. He was hailed for his efficiency and delivery against targets. Today, they accepted his resignation … Continue reading Hallowed Circles

Threads and Layers

“Don’t use drugs to numb an entire generation. We need them to execute our plans. We need that one ideology, one common thread that binds them together to spark a revolution that overthrows existing power centers.” “I beg to differ”, he lights up a pipe which holds something other than tobacco, “they need to be … Continue reading Threads and Layers