Wind under wings

I’m grateful I can walk and run, but I wish I could fly. Mobility and speed matter in the race of life, but more so the perspectives. I see the world moving past me, but in the opposite direction, as I move in high gear.  Then, I move my sights to the ones moving alongside … More Wind under wings


“Homeless in the outer world, lives inside her mind” – the tagline to her social media profile intrigues, and she is no novice in the world after having spent a couple of decades here. I look forward to interviewing her for my fledgling show, and struggle with framing questions as newbie interviewers do. “I must … More Homeless

Turning Point

“Don’t be surprised when people and things disappear in a high progress cycle – everything that obstructs your progress will go,” says an astrological forecast. I switch between being a believer and non-believer in astrology, but today, I feel inclined to believe. Life is taking a turn, at a bend I saw everyday but ignored. … More Turning Point

Concepts not clear

“He spent his life for the good of the community, but couldn’t find time for his family …. no wonder the family has grudges, while the world eulogises him.”  Harriet was reflecting after attending the funeral service of the doctor. “No intention of taking away from his goodness, but he failed to separate ego from … More Concepts not clear

Strategic campaigns

“The electoral campaign strategy looks good, but what if public opinion sways to the other side?” “If it does, the strategy is not good. Design mental processors in a way, that the outcome aligns, not collides, after touching the outside world.” “You have a point there. We are no good without followers, and everything should … More Strategic campaigns


I’ve not been there with you from the beginning, and will not accompany you to the end. I’ll meet you at the point you abandoned your dreams, and opted for the comfort zone.  See it as a storm, a whirlpool, a crazy flight or a journey- I will carry you to the point where you … More Imperceptible


“And what kind of convoluted thought process is that?” Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations&outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist. “It is rodomontade by a prominent scripturient politician, who seeks lalochezia by sending people scurrying around to look for promptories.” “Spare me the torture. He is nothing but a snollygoster.” … More English


“We extend full support to our beloved leader. The nefarious strategies of the opposition party have been exposed. “You know that, because it is what the media tells you, and no one is talking about strategies of the ruling party. You will gain deep insights on proverbs such as ‘Offense is the best defense’, ‘ … More Rodeo


I don’t know at what point I get sucked into the whirlpool of moving colours.  It is labelled as a whim, schizophrenia, explosion of creativity – but I know that I’m at my best when I operate at multiple levels. I’m grateful to each colour for bringing out a facet of me. Colours then come … More Kaleidoscope


I found three quotes on the wall of an office. “The world does not change, because of genes. We need to make radical efforts to counteract the DNA impact, and develop new methodologies.” “Everything I say today has been said before….just that I don’t know who said it and when.” “Nature’s effort will be wasted, … More Quotes