His eyes are on her hands, as she performs certain chores around the room, and occasionally, he interjects, “Handle it carefully, you’re not doing it right.” She happens to be discussing an article she read, but probably, her thought process is of no interest to her. She is never allowed to complete a sentence, because … More Presence

Invisible goddesses

The drama next door is considered worth watching, where a recently widowed woman is seen suspended behind a powerful stream of words, “Don’t underestimate my pent-up rage and hatred of 30 years, against the patriarchal system. In every lifetime, you will encounter a Durga or Kali with a Trishul to shred your puny ego into … More Invisible goddesses


“Can you believe how these two brothers castigated each other in the past …. the younger one was always called a parasite leeching on his parents?” “Yeah, but the parents willed their entire property to these two arch rivals,  leaving out the other two.” “Strange and unfair for the parents to do this…. but how … More Rivalry


“There is chaos on Earth, due to a tiny organism which multiplies on its own?” “Who sent it there?” “Reports say it is indigenous, not imported from any other planet.” “Then they’ll know how to develop an antidote for it.” “The speed of destruction is higher, antidotes are not perfect, and many more will die … More Disclaimer


“Why are these five publications not echoing our stance on burning topics? Only fear and greed will keep people on your side – where have you failed that they still stand on isolated platforms…” the Boss is furious, not used to facing failure or opposition. It is only a matter of time before this fury … More Connection


“Make the Nation Read” is a great mission statement for a startup, that publishes free book summaries and promises to keep services free forever. My old handset dies a natural death after living a long, fulfilled life of seven years, and I need to download several apps again, in the new monster that enslaves me, … More Slavery

Mossy stones

I take a walk down memory lane, and stop by the moss-covered milestones on the way. Why did they matter so much at that point of time, and why did they lose relevance later on? It was the dream of a child holding a balloon in hand, and wanting to fly, not knowing the competition … More Mossy stones

Wind under wings

I’m grateful I can walk and run, but I wish I could fly. Mobility and speed matter in the race of life, but more so the perspectives. I see the world moving past me, but in the opposite direction, as I move in high gear.  Then, I move my sights to the ones moving alongside … More Wind under wings