Bouquet Bomb

irresistible fragrance but thorns make my fingers bleed and then… that bomb hidden inside Who’d expected this? It’s a bouquet called Life

Sustaining a flow

know howto sustain changetill new waves sweep landscapesredefine beliefs, paint mindsetsInspire… Inhalethe air that blowsyour way, to meet your thoughtsknow that you lived in this momentbut lost

Identity theft

A large sum has been swindled out of my bank account. The police says it’s a case of identity theft. Someone has used my credentials to log in the system. Registering complaints is a long drawn out tedious process. I hit the bed after calling eleven numbers, talking to six un-cooperative customer care officers and … More Identity theft


Did Adam, Eve and all living forms in the garden of Eden have a genetic code? Maybe the code existed only in the Master Creator’s consciousness. The secondary nature of my being compels me to depend on elements that exist somewhere in the universe. Creativity is nothing but putting together the alphabet in different ways. … More Creativity