Dance of a maniac

The dance of a maniac lacks the grace of a gymnast the gay abandon in expression of joy calculated steps to build a rhythm The dance of a maniac disturbs the balance of tolerant earth stirs spasmodic earthquake energy to unearth some more madness The dance of a maniac Strives – to make insanity look … More Dance of a maniac


“Modesty is the jewel of a woman”, they said. “What makes you feel threatened – the shine of my intellect or the capability to rule?” “This feminist line of thought….they want to change the world.” “How does it matter?” “We cannot track our lineage, if the female tribe is let loose. Power politics in the … More Lineage

You made a choice

Remember you said ‘dictatorship is good – to meet a goal’. You made a choice in that moment – to be walked upon, to become irrelevant, to write someone else’s story, to fulfil someone else’s dream. You chose to surrender your voice. The underlying desire was to trample on people you abhor, but you were … More You made a choice


chill in spines – silencewatching which way the wind blowswinter of dissent


mortality makes me weary of any claim of being everlasting.. Hey, Sun and Moon! Will you be around when I visit  another planet, another time, in another form? Will you recognise me and then laugh like twinkling stars while the sky still remains an illusion an enigma? Will that tiny bit in me acknowledge being … More Everlasting


you seereflected raysbelieve it’s an aurathe darkness within celebratesitselfbeing the core, being realknowing the world’s bewitchedby reflectionsof truth


why doesdeath block foresightwhen I want to feel light?Permanence of a free spiritblocks end…


only thingthat I want to do-pull the mistout of airmystical, weavingpatterns in gullible minds