Limited sky

skies stretch endlesslyI lament limitations-no wings, no airplanesbut I'm blessed with unboundedhuman imagination paint poems on skieswrite it in colors unseen-it whispers softlyWhat have I missed in myself?Why don't I see what you see?


Good Morning

a new morning brings a new chapter to be authored reflections of sun rays on dewdrops show myriad possibilities pick colors of choice rearrange them in kaleidoscopic patterns rainbows feel so outdated restricted…. the sky steps down in blue droplets to know the secrets

Sun and Water

Water falls, because a gravitational force pulls it down. In the right atmosphere, it vaporizes to steam and moves upwards. It chooses when, where and how to fall. Water freezes. You are able to walk on snow with the right boots. Your homes are not ravaged by floods. forces all-pervasive combine to make you feel … Continue reading Sun and Water

Know the rules

I felt the sand slipping beneath my feet, and soon I was sinking down below. I’d been caught in quicksand. My classmates formed a human chain to pull me out, and succeeded in about seven minutes. We were on a zoology excursion to the Alibag beach. The wonders of nature that we had fished out … Continue reading Know the rules

Nocturnal Dialogues

setting sun bids goodbye shooting out orange flames -spiritual colors   sky blushes purple before the moon highlights all that was quiet so far   star-spangled ache for a beloved – who passes through but never stays   sun shines somewhere else swallows flames to say – look here I warm more than hearts