A popular film director Ismail Merchant gave his reasons for getting married on a talk show. “When people visit your house, they ask how many children you have. They don’t ask how much money you have earned?” Unfortunately, he died of a cardiac problem before he could get married. dreams unfulfilledchildren unbornso good, so badonly … Continue reading Immortality


Going back

It takes a while to learn that being different is not being inadequate. Though the whole world conspires to tell you that. Going by the norm, they are each inadequate in their own way, when they don’t measure up to my expectations. But somehow, fingers always point outward. mirrors designed andplaced in appropriate lightreflect what … Continue reading Going back

Secrets of the night

smoothness of velvet black nightswine glasses reflect starlightI consume divine magicas the drama plays out bright those characters speak to mehang between stars and planetsI invite them to share talesof hell and spunky comets Why call No Moon a New Moon?A falling star shows its mightlaughing at spineless languageasks me - now, never, tonight? Ditch … Continue reading Secrets of the night