Shobhaa De – in 100 words

Shobhaa De is a 74 year old pulp fiction author with a long series of books, and Starry Nights is one of her titles. She attracted attention for portraying the sleaziness of higher echelons of society.

I’ve just played around with her book titles for this piece.

Snapshots of
Sultry days
Socialite Evenings 
Starry nights
gave readers
Second thoughts
of those who live up there
in the stratosphere

where fakeness is a way of life
reality travels by snail mail
ironically called Speed Post
stories that sell
move at lightning speed
to your screens

Selective Memories
feel like Small betrayals
when chosen amnesia 
to be accepted
as Strange Obsessions

Surviving Men or a Spouse
Do not reveal 
Truth about marriage
Uncertain Liaisons
are Shooting from the Hip
from Incredible to Unstoppable
Shobhaa at Sixty
Seventy… and to hell with it
Never a dull De

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