I will come again

Eugenia's weekly prompt is JUBILANT I will come again in absence of darkness I will come -when I don’t need to carry light or carry your sins -when my palms are not nailed and head not crowned with thorns I will come again when you celebrate not birth or resurrection but existence in a better … Continue reading I will come again


I couldn't resist using the quote by John Muir in the poem. "The mountains are calling and I must go." The mountains are calling and I must go What wonders await there, I don’t know A summit of kindred spirits or aims loftier than rocks I must upgrade myself when opportunity knocks The mountains are … Continue reading Mountains

Shadow or reflection?

Why do I trust reflections more than shadows? Do I believe mirrors are honest? And distorting versions A game or aberration? The Sun … unabashedly self-centred focussed on its own position not mine presents me in false dimensions but is unable to fake solidity of being me. I brush aside shadows walk through the night … Continue reading Shadow or reflection?


contemplating, debating A non-existent universe I find myself floating in it feeling the meta verse shaping, imagining what would be, could be what I don’t want it to be for my own reasons to validate my theories to complete unwritten stories surreal impact of virtual avatars enchants many gullible souls to go on a trip … Continue reading Metaverse


All those souls I don’t know energy forms refuel, but how? the unknown always fascinates we take a guess at varied states Today, it’s fear, a story, a scare.. Who knows - tomorrow I may be there Signals from Mars - ask or annotate? It something excites, we celebrate… I celebrate those yet to be … Continue reading Halloween


it rained dreams last night as clouds unleashed fury -angst of cyclones rising vaporising, condensing then disappearing... I don’t know where -Peace reigns everywhere earth recharged by a downpour electricity in air flowers blooming in the sky A medley of colours nameless, formless.... pouring on my dreams to recrystallise new worlds Written for Eugi's Weekly … Continue reading Cyclones