you seereflected raysbelieve it’s an aurathe darkness within celebratesitselfbeing the core, being realknowing the world’s bewitchedby reflectionsof truth


why doesdeath block foresightwhen I want to feel light?Permanence of a free spiritblocks end…


only thingthat I want to do-pull the mistout of airmystical, weavingpatterns in gullible minds

Home, Sweet Home

be myself is all that matters Home, sweet home…. who gave you rights to intervene in my domain it’s my Home … Sweet Home my heart belongs here the mind feels free to travel everywhere, and then back home -where else? because It’s the only place truly mine

Pull Back

life pulls back-transitioning toimposed waysof livingain’t easy – the core of mehas not changed – just this 😦


night and day meettwice in cycles-yet they don’t knowwhat lends meaningto lonely lives-opposites lenda peg to live