In a flash

This is in response to Eugi's Weekly Prompt - Faraway That faraway look holds the potential to reveal quite a lot. Looking  left up, right up or downwards is an indicator of parts of memory being accessed, or new ones manufactured. It gives me a sense of power, short-lived. Who has ever stopped the train … Continue reading In a flash


Still life

Still photographs are out. Videos are in. Friends, prospective employers, partners all want to see the vibrancy of a personality, not a frozen mood clicked from wrong angles. But this prompt took me back by two years. The lockdown had just started, and I enrolled in a charcoal drawing class online.  Placing still objects at … Continue reading Still life


A child will not learn to walk if mobility is not a promise of freedom. I would never work for money, if it did not promise a lifestyle. Calendars are created with an expiry date, to give way to the next.  A digit changes to promise continuity of the past, while announcing a new venture. … Continue reading A DIGIT CHANGES

I will come again

Eugenia's weekly prompt is JUBILANT I will come again in absence of darkness I will come -when I don’t need to carry light or carry your sins -when my palms are not nailed and head not crowned with thorns I will come again when you celebrate not birth or resurrection but existence in a better … Continue reading I will come again


I couldn't resist using the quote by John Muir in the poem. "The mountains are calling and I must go." The mountains are calling and I must go What wonders await there, I don’t know A summit of kindred spirits or aims loftier than rocks I must upgrade myself when opportunity knocks The mountains are … Continue reading Mountains

Shadow or reflection?

Why do I trust reflections more than shadows? Do I believe mirrors are honest? And distorting versions A game or aberration? The Sun … unabashedly self-centred focussed on its own position not mine presents me in false dimensions but is unable to fake solidity of being me. I brush aside shadows walk through the night … Continue reading Shadow or reflection?