I recall a video by Sara Jacobovici, a music therapist. A child starts mimicking her body movements in response to music. She claims it as the moment when a connection is built, and knowing that the therapy can now move forward. I guess it applies to so many situations - in performing arts, writing or … Continue reading Encore


I’m curious to know what the island thinks.  Does it feel complete in itself, or longs for connection? Is it the lack of connectedness that lends to a feeling of being self-sufficient? Ignorance is bliss. What happens when external influence reaches its shore? a desire to move driven by attraction of external appeal I want … Continue reading Island

Silver Touch

moon walks through the sky in ethereal white sprinkles silver dust on dreams mystifying the night breathe in the magic of dawn to survive in harsh daylight Catch sublime moments untouched by gloom, all bright frame those in action don't let it out of sight breathe in the magic of dawn to survive in harsh … Continue reading Silver Touch