Recolor dreams

green upgrades to rustsolitary paths inspireautumnal musingscolors of dreams change with ageyellow, red, orange or brown if youlook back, more thanforward, change directiondon't let sepia invade springcolors Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt - Autumn


Whatever you fear most has no powerIt is your fear that has power To send you off on unwanted tangentsTo make you think of improbable thingsTo transfer your fears to othersInstilling negativity Whatever has to happen will happenYour fear is about your powerlessnessIn the face of changeBut change is what will drive youTo the next … Continue reading Fear


Morning glory

what keeps me awayfrom the ensuing dayblocking vision with a translucent veilmorning haze holds sway holding breath in anticipationI fail to noticeMoon's quiet exitto life's next station I tear through the fogattack life with zestIt's a reward for waking upleaving behind a night's rest Now is the time to ink dreamson consciousness, till they makeme … Continue reading Morning glory

Good Morning

a new morning brings a new chapter to be authored reflections of sun rays on dewdrops show myriad possibilities pick colors of choice rearrange them in kaleidoscopic patterns rainbows feel so outdated restricted…. the sky steps down in blue droplets to know the secrets

Looking back

Looking back is futile with miles ahead to go if you want forward movement you need to go with the flow Looking back gives insights into paths you did not take what could’ve been done better and your destiny remake Looking back is analysis to be done from a distance don’t let whirlpools pull you … Continue reading Looking back