Out on the streets, I know convergence of views holds no meaning. A houseful of people scrambling for their own safety, fight suspicion, as they want to know where the other had been, and what is the likelihood of contamination. A pandemic has only highlighted existing divergence and mutual distrust. I scribble on a small … More Convergence


“Presentations should be idiot-proof”, said an ex-boss I don’t remember too fondly. I couldn’t get why we needed to start every story from the alphabet. “Don’t insult the viewer’s intelligence,” said another glib talker who delighted in spewing management jargon, “they already know all this.” I agreed partially, while thinking silently that the terminology should … More Presentations

Search for Truth

I don’t like museums. They only whet appetite, but don’t take me closer to the truth. I don’t know if the writers hired to write lengthy descriptions are historians, or just good content-writers. Travel guides gain expertise in the art of storytelling. I unpeel layers of a story cooked up in an ancient pan, written … More Search for Truth

Due credit

You won’t be able to use all those fancy products, if they are not tested on me. I put my life and limb to out to help you. I’m an extension of your hand, when you navigate that space you can’t live without. I think you call it the internet. I don’t find it very … More Due credit


They had been looking for each other – quietly, with an unspoken determination and a hope that they will succeed someday. None of them realized that destiny had a different plan. Unknowingly, they had crossed paths with each other, moving in different directions on parallel tracks. The incidences were geographical, figurative and metaphorical. The writer … More Story-crossed