Long Roads

It’s a long and arduous journey. I’m not sure if I’ll make it. 

If you do, will you turn and look at the road you traversed?


If you do, will you regret or celebrate it?

It depends on what happens enroute.

What do you thing will make it worth celebrating?

Overcoming all obstacles on the path.

What do you think will make you regret it?

My attachment to whatever or whoever did not stand by me.

How do you define standing by you?

Whatever goes with me to the end.

That’s your clue to what you need to do.

11 thoughts on “Long Roads

  1. Yes! Who is in it til the end – exactly! When I posted this I didn’t see it as hopeful, but blood red on the horizon of 2020; particularly in the US. Yours is a more metered and even approach – I wouldn’t expect any less! Thank you for joining us again this week 🖤

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          1. I love this! What an amazing idea 🖤 I’m starting a new cut and paste project with newspaper articles – I’ve gathered the newspapers and am looking forward to diving in! Can’t wait to see what you write 🖤

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