Palace Tales

The palace is not desolate any more, walk without fearfossilised stories come to life – stones speakI see each expression, feel each nuancethey review themselves – pain, fear, arrogance fossilised stories come to life – stones speakDid they do right, or was it an error of judgement?they review themselves – pain, fear, arroganceI’m awed by … More Palace Tales

No choice

When I elevated you and was pushed downI voted you to power, to look like a clownI’m not imbecile, and I want my rightsHobson’s choice – just one long night I voted you to power, to look like a clownThere was no one there, but your fake smileHobson’s choice – just one long nightI’ll jump … More No choice

A child’s world

I like ladders, but there’s a snake in some squaresI’ve sticks and stones to beat it withbuild a house with blocks to keep me safeMy house has ladders to take me to the sky I’ve sticks and stones to beat it withSerpents can’t pull me down in dark holesMy house has ladders to take me … More A child’s world


The forest looked inviting in the morning lightI t held a promise to freedom, visuals bright I breathe in fresh air, grass beneath my feet I take off blindfolds, as my tired feet bleed It held a promise to freedom, visuals bright I’m a little scared now in an unknown place I take off blindfolds, … More Irrevocable

Stormy skies

Nights in our desert were clear and cold.I can’t forget, I’m not so oldthese misty skies speak a different tonguelashing out from cloudy moulds I can’t forget, I’m not so oldstormy skies are one of a kindlashing out from cloudy mouldsI’m not old, but I lose my mind stormy skies are one of a kindnights … More Stormy skies

Pre-loved versions

How many lifetimes have I spent?Recycling pre-loved versions of myselfI discard this version totallyto live again, and start afresh Recycling pre-loved versions of myselfI don’t get anywhere I wantto live again, and start afreshStart on ground zero again I don’t get anywhere I wantHow many lifetimes have I spent?Start on ground zero againI discard this … More Pre-loved versions

Crushing powers that be

How many systems failed blooming spring?When sting of darkness clipped a wingDid they ask her where she wanted to be?Powers conspired against powers that be When sting of darkness clipped a wingWas it fear or evil laughing in glee?Powers conspired against powers that beGardens withered away, not breathing free Was it fear or evil laughing … More Crushing powers that be

I’ll be right there

Do I need to go the extra mile?Where can I find you online?Maybe you like my profileThere’s something to do in quarantine Where can I find you online?I’ll be right there where you goThere’s something to do in quarantineThere’s more in common than we know I’ll be right there where you goDo I need to … More I’ll be right there


they drip with full forceInfluencers are confidentthey leave deep impressions-but underestimate receptacles Influencers are confidentthey’ll cause lasting change-but underestimate receptaclespre-filled with experience they’ll cause lasting changereceptacles are not emptypre-filled with experience,notions nursed over years receptacles are not emptystained mindsets rulenotions nursed over yearsnot so easy to erase

Battles with Peace

those shapes you see on horizonschanging against the setting sunan artist tries to manipulatemy spirit refuses to go straight changing against the setting sunoutlines shifting to accommodatemy spirit refuses to go straightstories in pictures get redefined outlines shifting to accommodatethoughts moving faster than the sunstories in pictures get redefinedYou see a new me, a new … More Battles with Peace