Hope lingers on….

It’s a sight I’ve not forgotten. I’d tried to avert the eyes of kids playing in the park, as I buried my infant son. My wife was distraught, but we had to catch the last train back home. The paediatrician was world-famous, but just said ‘Sorry…’. Years later, I come back to see if I … More Hope lingers on….

Nights come alive

I never knew nights come alive Is it just your presence, my friend? something brings out an inner glow sand grains explode with passion I know, it takes a certain conviction…. Something brings out the inner glow Optimism lights nights ahead I know, it takes a certain conviction to overcome obstacles laid Optimism lights nights … More Nights come alive


It was my first dream after coming to the city – living in the tallest building there.  A passer-by who saw me gaping at the heights whispered, “You know, only one window belongs to a person. There are so many up there, and so many wanting to get there.” He did not wait to hear … More (Im)permanence


“You know how I practised my sport every morning to be the State Champion. I’d won the district trophy in 1965, but was not going to stop there.” Phil and Jim were both seen walking on the pavement in the evenings. Phil had recently developed a slight limp, and was worried about his physical fitness. … More Invigorate

Behind the scenes

It is the most difficult part of life – watching you unwind after a day that was not spent with me, knowing fully well that decisions taken during the day impact my life. My strength is being a mute witness to everything that transpires in your most intimate moments – in your mind, on your … More Behind the scenes


This is the window to my soul.  Today, I’ve found the keys to the conscious and subconscious and unconscious scripts, I could not decipher earlier. Today is the day of emancipation for me. Today is the first day of the rest of my enlightened life. I would have kept rambling, if they had not asked … More Today

A way of life

The gravel below her bare feet hurts, but reminds her of how much has fallen between the cracks. Three decades is not a short time. It is equivalent to the most active part of adult life.  She walks on like a zombie, assuming that the sky has always been dark, there are horrors hidden in … More A way of life

Lessons to learn

OUTSIDE “The sky is clear, waters gleaming blue. Where are the humans?” “Do you see that roof shaded by trees? They are hiding there, scared of coming out.” “I guess we’ll let them be. Enjoy the freedom….” “Yeah… no fear of hooks or guns or knives or any other form of torture…..” INSIDE “How long … More Lessons to learn

In anticipation

I check on the guest list once again. The pool is cleaned up, chairs in place, ice buckets and glasses laid out, and the aroma of fresh food emanating from the catering enclosure. I want this party to be perfect – before the water freezes. I check the phone to see if somebody is dropping … More In anticipation