“Why should I be here, a few levels below?”

“Social distancing is the new normal.”

“But why is the seating arrangement not at equal level?”

“Some people need more care, owing to their precarious health conditions.”

“The contempt you’ve always held has come to the fore. The pandemic is being used as a cover to keep people away, or show them their place.”

“Are you okay with zero contact?”

I guess so…

A story that started in 2020 has continued in different forms. People prefer virtual meetings, in order to override deep-rooted class systems”, wrote an anthropologist in 2050.

3 thoughts on “Untouchability

  1. Wow! I love the idea of anthropologists giving their own explanations of our socially distancing when our children are our age. I love your use of perspective! Thank you for joining us again this week 🖤

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