Comfort Zone

A place to live, with space to flyfeet on ground, mind in the sky walls stretch, and then give wayupwards, outwards – no cause to sway let me find myself before I help youI won’t be bound without a clue angles galore, but not all minesextile, square, conjunction, trine a book or viewpoint - I’m … Continue reading Comfort Zone


D for Despair

despairemanates fromperceived - sometimes assumedinevitability ofsomethingwhen all doors appear to be closedsmall apertures of hopeescape vision.Refresh Sunday Confessionals at MLMM Image credit - Reena Saxena

Ode to Trust

Trust, be my friend - for your refusal to diewhen one faces deceit or unabashed liesyes, you take a beating, but raise your head againmaybe because poor mortals have no alternative when one faces deceit or unabashed liesthey know they need to trust to move ahead in lifemaybe because poor mortals have no alternativethey reassess … Continue reading Ode to Trust


todayan offshoot ofa long dead yesterdayor bearer of unknown future-moments count beatsreincarnatewith unique soul beautyof a processed experiencenow dead I planneddifferent songsunsung musical chordsconquered my voice - poetic milesaway I mappedunexplored routesunderground vibrationsblew my plans off to smithereens-earthquakes I liveunredeemed timebreathe unclaimed oxygeninfuse unheard stories to makefutures Sunday Confessionals - Today

Fairy Tales

The fairies that live beneath the ground always boost energy. It is strange how those with the power to fly choose to remain underground and inspire others. The colors she sees flying across the sky in the form of clouds, rainbows, sunrise or sunset hues become fairies in her mind. They are real, visible but … Continue reading Fairy Tales


When did I become A searchfrom a pathway Who labeled a fading scar aspersistent ache Why did I agree to move mountainsand build a graveyard What blinded me enough to lose visionin search of light How did I change a metaphorto autobiography Written for Sunday Confessionals

Musician on a break

The poetry form is Echo Verse rest, recharge, recuperate … eightnights of musical bands — bannedall songs, all sound bytes - bitesof kebab, pints of alcohol - hallmark of decadence boos - boozejust blocks ache, sleep arrests - restnow till pain finds a berth - birth of memories, sorrow again - gaininsights till you get … Continue reading Musician on a break