More than a Black Friday

I am a late entrant to the field of budgeting, but wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. I have given in to impulse, all the more when I was transfixed by an item in shop windows. Gifting assumes more serious proportions. I happen to be in an environment, where relationships, affection and devotion are measured … Continue reading More than a Black Friday


Common Sense

We may assume that common sense is acting to achieve a goal, keeping the larger good in mind. The law, religion and etiquette all teach us not to ride roughshod over others in our own interest. Most of us are shocked when we see this basic principle being flouted. Over a period of time, we … Continue reading Common Sense


Your post makes me think about how we define and create our own reality, sticking to the safe and familiar. Knowing too much would create discomfort. A cousin who recently retired said he has taken to reading books on world history, and finds that large sections of mankind have always been racial and cruel. I’d … Continue reading Food

Releasing the dead

The Hindus in India believe that properly performed religious rituals release the soul from ties established in a lifetime. A fortnight in September is designated "Shradha Paksh", when people perform a small religious ritual and feed the monks or poor, to pay respect to the departed souls. Crows are treated as representatives of ancestors for … Continue reading Releasing the dead


I believe that synchronicity is the result of the universe sending us signals for something we don’t understand.  It happens to me in small ways all the time. You think about someone, and the person calls. A delayed parcel arrives just as you plan to lodge a complaint. My husband and I may think about … Continue reading Synchronicity


This is based on the limited understanding that I have of the metaverse so far. Creating illusions will give humans a false sense of power. I can write a happy story in the metaverse. But my real life has not changed much, other than giving me Ecstasy (pun intended) or hallucinations. If I repay a … Continue reading Metaverse

Multiple Prompts

I come across mashups or posts written for multiple prompts practically every day. The writer who aces it, IMO, is Jude Itakali. I miss Chris Hall who is not keeping good health, but she did a wonderful job of writing parts of her novel to the Six Sentence Stories prompt.  I agree that writing to … Continue reading Multiple Prompts

Blogging Challenges

I moved from 28 followers to 3K+, just by participating in writing prompts. What changed in the process was the intent and theme of the blog. I moved from articles to flash fiction and poetry. I do have a flair for writing from schooldays, but I accept with full gratitude that I learnt a lot … Continue reading Blogging Challenges

Climate change

I have no claims of any expertise on climate change. But I follow the news, and do whatever I can in small ways to protect the environment. The speaker in a comic video referred to residents of Delhi (India) feeling uncomfortable in the odorless, fresh air of mountains. Clean air lacks 'spice' (referring to pollution), … Continue reading Climate change


I met a cousin after 24 years. The last we met was at his wedding, and his daughter is 21 now.  She is unusually friendly and eager to mingle. I’m tired after the journey, but she keeps firing questions, “You were fond of reading in childhood, weren’t you? You spent time alone in your grandfather’s … Continue reading Genetics