The image me reminds me of my friend, who started a business of manufatcuring organic skincare and haircare products. I was the first recipient of a parcel for trial, and endorsement on social media …. just that all the bottles were unlabelled 🙂 I had a tough time getting her on a video call to … More Lotions


Off and on, I was warned about the repercussions of being a free spirit. They label my natural state of being as rebellious, uncaring, un-emotional or whatever term they devise on the spur of the moment. I learnt soon enough that the problem is same on both sides – discomfort with not being in control. … More Outcome


If people don’t step on my toes, I can remain polite. If people speak for their own rights, I won’t have to lead a rebellion. If acceptance exceeded expectations, there would be less conflict. If power is redefined, there won’t be two segments called the rulers and ruled. If sharing does not incite paranoia, interpersonal … More If….


Heartwarming brings to mind the 4 years spent with my dog love, Chappy… A few glimpses Scene 1 She is being cajoled to join us for the Laxmi Puja (a worship ritual) on Diwali, but no response. The noise of crackers outside created sever discomfort for her, and she was hiding under the bed. We … More Heartwarming

Death by Excess

I skip the news updates on Corona horrors and vaccine developments, except for the economic impact.  I am not afraid of death. Yet, I think I’ve seen death closely than ever before – lurking in eyes, expressions, behaviour patterns, ostracisation of people considered unsafe ….making me fear it will continue as an obsessive compulsive disorder … More Death by Excess

Hazy Vision

joy knows not – where support comes from, when hazy vision blurs – hands that hold, underlying mayhem Growing up – a clear vision of what happened then…

Over the Top

The prompt reminds me of a female client in the bank where I worked. She was related to a big industrialist family. They prospered with support from the uncles by way of lucrative employment, business opportunities and generous monthly allowances. She would walk in pompously, and plonk her designer handbag on the table. Her ample … More Over the Top