Rituals are not for the Strong

What if there were no rituals to be followed, and you had absolute freedom to decide what to do, with your day or life? Brush your teeth at 5.30 pm, file annual tax returns in any convenient month, and celebrate New Year in July. The actions would still have the same impact, though reducing your … Continue reading Rituals are not for the Strong


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #83

Perspectives …..

By Sadje

Keep it alive

Welcome again, and always to this space, which has become sacred to me! You may not see it in the same manner. And why should you? Each of us has our own unique perspective on the world and its interesting contents.




Can you see what I see

I can see a glass half full, while it’s half empty for you

I see the world through rose colored glasses

While its gray and black in your eyes

Hanging upside down on strings of a puppeteer

I can see things from a totally different perspective

What is falling in your eyes, is rising to the sky in mine

What is out of balance and ungainly from your point of view

Is in perfect harmony and graceful from my angle

How interesting it would be if you could see my side

And I could visualize your stand point

But then…

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Perspective …… by Bladud Fleas

the moon is rising...

I don’t believe anyone isn’t familiar with the scene in the Irish comedy series, Father Ted. It’s in the episode where the three priests are holidaying in a caravan in a field during inclement weather, so they are stuck indoors. In the brilliant scene, Father Ted is sat across the table from the young dimwit, Father Dougal, and on the table is a toy set of plastic farmyard animals.

The scene opens with Ted picking up two toy cows and he says to Dougal,

Okay, one last time. These…,” showing Dougal the cows, “are small,”

then gesturing to the window, he continues, “but the ones out there…are far away.” Then deliberately more slowly, he hammers it home,

Small. Far away.”

And Dougal’s face says he simply doesn’t get it. And for a long time neither did artists, this illusion of perspective. Even today, artists make…

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English translation in Comments

Playing with words

मेरे अगाध प्रेम को तुमने
हमेशा बंधन ही माना
अपना अपना नज़रिया है।१।

पत्थर ही फेंका किये तुम
कभी डूब कर देखते
कितना गहरा दरिया है ।२।

सर्दी में रूह को सुकूं दे
जून की तपती दोपहर में
तू बेचैनी का ज़रिया है ।३।

दिखती है रौशनी तुम्हें
क्या जानो किस के लिए
पल पल जलता दिया है ।४।

लगता है लतीफा तुम्हें
अमित इस मज़ाक को
मैनें खुद ही जिया है ।५।

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #83 – Perspective

Perspective …………… by Michael



One of the things that makes the world go round is the different perspectives we see to most of life’s topics.

We all come from different contexts where we were brought up by parents who believed they were doing the right thing, giving us perspectives they saw as important to get us through life.

Many of us were brought up in religious households where our parents taught us what their religious leaders taught them was the way to go. For me it was Roman Catholicism, we were taught it was the one true faith and that the priests and those above them were to be believed and obeyed. And so, our perspectives of life and others were shaped by those who believed they had all the answers.

But as we grew and became exposed to other belief systems, our cultural values so often our own perspectives were challenged, and we…

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 83

Perspective —– it differs by Teresa Smeigh at Tessacandoit

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 83

Reena’s Rules:


There is no restriction on the format or the length of the piece. It just has to be your reflection on the prompt from the core.

Write a post on your blog, and link it up with here with a pingback, or copy-pasting the blog link in Comments.

I eagerly await your responses.




Perspective – it Differs

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Perspective varies from person to person.

To some its fine, in others it will worsen.

So many people are filled with negativity

The lucky ones live on in positivity.

Are you one who is up and positive?

Or do you live deeply in the negative?

Positivity is possible if you work at it.

You must work hard and do not quit.

A positive life can change your thinking.

Eventually it comes to you unthinking.


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