Dimensional thoughts

My body is too thick and stiff to squeeze into unknown dimensions, but mind is over eager to do so. Wait a minute, why assume that I need to ‘squeeze into’ something? The not-yet-known dimensions may just offer more wiggle room to test new ideas, or a vast, open space to experiment.  We can give … Continue reading Dimensional thoughts


Sets, spaces and infinity

Sets emphasize the need for a limited space for relevance and effectiveness. Theories and formulae do not work beyond that. One can see the principle being followed in politics, civic administration and corporates. Lines of authority and command areas are clearly defined. Space is a more flexible term leading to infinity. It indicates the potential … Continue reading Sets, spaces and infinity

Is it only TikTok?

Is it only Tiktok? Politicians and business heads will go to any length to gain power over impressionable minds and build fortunes out of it. The nineties saw five Indian beauty queens win the Miss World and Miss Universe titles in a row. The idea was to open up the huge Indian market for beauty … Continue reading Is it only TikTok?

Pet Care

The word ‘pet’ just brings up so much. They are called pets because they do not belong to our biological species. We don’t give birth to pets. And yet, they become so much more valuable than a human child. Only someone who has experienced a dog knows that no human can match the unconditional love … Continue reading Pet Care

New portals

What’s in ChatGPT that others don’t have? Why is Google feeling insecure? Why are CEOs saying they will miss out on a lot, by not using ChatGPT? Why are colleges banning use of ChatGPT to prevent use of AI-driven answers in examinations? a new web portalopens alluring vistaswill creative inventorsstunt fertility of other minds? Are … Continue reading New portals

Social Media

I don't think I could have built an online profile and identity without the use of social media. I'm not an addict, and do not spend hours on social media. However, I'm able to interact more on this blog and on Quora than social media sites. LinkedIn used to be a great site for posting … Continue reading Social Media


So, you've started life in New Year 2023. It may feel like you've stepped in a new life. It may feel like a continuation of the life you've been leading. The last few days do offer a chance to reflect. Personally, I hope the reflections and conclusions stay with me. I share a few nuggets … Continue reading REFLECTIONS


I've never heard of RSV. In the last two years, vested interests have spread a scare about the next wave of Covid impacting kids more than adults. I guess vaccine manufacturers and hoarders have a lot to do with these rumors. An investor on the Shark Tank India show was candid, "If you can create … Continue reading RSV

More than a Black Friday

I am a late entrant to the field of budgeting, but wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. I have given in to impulse, all the more when I was transfixed by an item in shop windows. Gifting assumes more serious proportions. I happen to be in an environment, where relationships, affection and devotion are measured … Continue reading More than a Black Friday

Common Sense

We may assume that common sense is acting to achieve a goal, keeping the larger good in mind. The law, religion and etiquette all teach us not to ride roughshod over others in our own interest. Most of us are shocked when we see this basic principle being flouted. Over a period of time, we … Continue reading Common Sense