The concept of soul-mate has loosened up over a period of time. At one stage, it meant recognising the other at first glance, getting along effortlessly and being together for a lifetime. I guess it got too cumbersome for modern lifestyles, though everybody wants someone to vibe with easily at a mental and emotional level. … Continue reading Soul-mates

Stalkers Hats off to Sara Maclachlan for putting herself in the shoes of her stalker! A stalker, however besotted or devoted s/he may be is a transgressor of personal space. They carry a deep hollowness inside, which they seek to fill through the real or imagined presence of another person. They live in their heads, … Continue reading Stalkers

Gurus and followers

Jim Rohn said it long back, “You are the average of five people close to you, ” and it includes the authors, speakers, gurus you are influenced by. I keep writing and revising the list, wondering if I’m on the right path, or do I need to change it to meet my goals.  It’s a … Continue reading Gurus and followers

Wor(l)d- building

Photo by Aksonsat Uanthoeng on It takes time to build a world. The first design is not difficult. I know what to place where and when. But the sub-plots can get complicated. My characters are not all born here. They or their parents come from different places, and carry a different world within them. … Continue reading Wor(l)d- building

Weight of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is glorified. Sacrifice puts you in orbs above average. Sacrifice gives you a halo, and binds you to expectations. Sacrifice cries out for a worthwhile cause. There are many who will ask you to put the interest of others before your own, to attain a nobility you did not ask for. They exhort you … Continue reading Weight of Sacrifice

What stops you?

Photo by Mary Taylor on I forgive those who don’t know what they are doing, and its implications. But what about those who do? What stops you from speaking up when you see injustice and your heart bleeds for the victim? Maybe your heart is not in the act, but you do spare a … Continue reading What stops you?

Negative spaces

Soundproof rooms help me focus on the inner voice. I don’t want interference. I don’t want to be told what to do. Cut the cacophony out… I hate the political crap on TV Wait a minute… Doesn’t the inner voice reflect the outer world - a reverse mirror image. Inner reality is what I want … Continue reading Negative spaces


I remember those wooden frames in my grandfather’s courtyard. We covered it with sheets, and made temporary shelters for ourselves on sultry afternoons, when the adults were all enjoying their air-cooled siesta inside. Those were moments of freedom, of creativity for us, when unbound by rules, we created our own worlds and played out imaginary … Continue reading Layers


People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding. I find myself visualising and counting the boxes inside their mind, and sadly watch the gist of what I say fall through the cracks. It hampers communication for sure. I start saying something, and then stop - knowing that it will fall between the cracks or … Continue reading Filtration