Fear encompasses Sanity

claustrophobic between the greys
fear encompasses sanity
moving reflections challenge clouds
redefine windy climes

a shadow moves slowly
at snail’s pace
in the depth of the ocean
disconnects from skies
I know it’s moving towards me

I heave a sigh of relief
it becomes a boat
against dark silhouettes
to take me to distant shores
where the sky is blue

I let
demonic dreams
overpower oceans
dive in straight- solutions emerge
from depths

Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge

Photo Challenge at MLMM


21 thoughts on “Fear encompasses Sanity

  1. I love this, Reena. The connections you made between the two pieces are powerful. The freestyle poetry is almost dreamy to me, while the cinquain moves into reality, looking for solutions to problems. This is exactly what I had hoped to see. This is fabulous. 🙏🏻

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  2. I like how the first part of the post is more linked to reality, like that in the picture, the poem moves away from that toward the fantastical at the end, speaking of letting in the darkness, it reminds me of the fade to black, brought by the eventuality of death. Very moving work.

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