a soul scarred for lifeevery moment is a strifesurrendered pieces of selfcall for restorationlife-cycle completion The one that damagedand got awayoccupies all mind spacerevenge is survivalnot a competitionor race How do they knowwhat I’ve been throughthey never had compassionbut will know retributiongo through the same cyclepain, helplessnessto know the impactof their callousness justice divinenot mine … Continue reading Revenge



Tell me, O PhoenixAre you the sameas older versionsAre you only oneunique work of artor a subversion? Do fire and ashremain neutralto retain your core?Do you rememberscars on the soulor tales of yore… your colorsIncredibly beautifulis the compositiona fractalor has it changedsoul of rendition? fractals are miraclesbut do those speeding,repeating patternsfeel aliveon straight pathswith no … Continue reading Reincarnations


It’s not easy to forgive or forget, I saywe shared gossip over a cup of chai yesterdayCan you believe we pulled swords at anotherIn the same verandahI recall the horror ofblood flowing down the streetsnot knowing if it belongedto a Hindu or Mussalmanit was all so passionate redour friends lay deadwhile we packed up to … Continue reading Reconnecting

Boundless Sky

I stay fixatedon mysterious bluesboundlessness of etherglued on the sky -fascinatedas it pulls a shrouddarkness on the day I’m sure gods live thereto hold sun, moon, starsclouds and windsbattles not spared-the sky never attacksthe sky never rescinds It’s a myth they sayyou’ll hit nothingnessyet blues hold a worlddivinity holds swaycherished and chasedstraightened, unfurled It flags … Continue reading Boundless Sky


Alone is all-in-one when I come together gather different pieces to make a whole to make sense of it I dissect dreams to see what one part of my psyche says to another and it’s so engrossing… Alone is what all others don’t like it leaves them out excludes them from control rooms Separates their … Continue reading Alone

Poems Edible

I ingest a poem in chosen colors bursting with flavors emitting fragrance of a mind that plans well scanning recipes planning menus to suit the mood and weather stocks in the refrigerator It takes loving effort to lay poetry on the table It’s not to be derided As execution of duty I spent time and … Continue reading Poems Edible


ephemeral shadows briefly connect to influence, then disappear In vastness of the planet mortal beings go their own way not knowing what touched them -become fractals, not fractions we wonder how populations across the world take the same directions It’s not just the media -small energies intersect, overlap influence, transform to create new patterns Individuality … Continue reading Significant

Good Morning

a new morning brings a new chapter to be authored reflections of sun rays on dewdrops show myriad possibilities pick colors of choice rearrange them in kaleidoscopic patterns rainbows feel so outdated restricted…. the sky steps down in blue droplets to know the secrets


rolling fogs conceal things at just the right time leave edited highlights -make gross patches look sublime unreliable mirrors unsure of themselves disbelieve experiments -fleeting images enable conclusions, laugh in merriment masquerading evil dons a new garb -before the first light of dawn strikes -blows its own trumpet, proves its might Tea with Florence makes … Continue reading Un-believe

Thesaurus to Thesis -shades of meaning allude to the same thing -perspectives draw lines between bonds -sever ties of faith and trust till truth disintegrates Evaporates.. Lets the Devil fly… graveyards of memory release ghosts to invade life incapacitate the living block forward motion Burn all bridges, till there is nothing left to struggle for or vie … Continue reading Thesaurus to Thesis