At the center of life

decisionsto be weighed and madeat crossroadstravel guides give wayto apps and compasseswhich point in all directionsoffer a range of optionsalarms beepdeadlines hauntasking for quick callsto avail discounts globalization takes you everywhere,except inwardsNow I know...why Buddha chose the Bodhi discover life’s essence Saturday Mix- Lucky Dip at MLMM


I got an idea out of the blue

your self-worth is not in your inbox,nor those glances of approvalyou will win the race on light feet,unshackled from expectations. Take time to stop and assess…Are you where you planned to be?Or beyond the realm of dreams,reached better destinations? Ready to jump off the cliff,egging on others to joinyou see valleys of happiness…It is not … Continue reading I got an idea out of the blue

Fear encompasses Sanity

claustrophobic between the greysfear encompasses sanitymoving reflections challenge cloudsredefine windy climes a shadow moves slowlyat snail’s pacein the depth of the oceandisconnects from skiesI know it’s moving towards me I heave a sigh of reliefit becomes a boatagainst dark silhouettesto take me to distant shoreswhere the sky is blue I letdemonic dreamsoverpower oceansdive in straight- … Continue reading Fear encompasses Sanity


I think of warmer climesin loving heartssun-blessed landscapesin other geographical parts winter’s a boonfor my solitary artI collect autumn leavesread their storiesimmortalize experiencein textured charts we won’t be strangers againwhen the sun shinesI know how sultrinessmakes my skin pinefor icepacks and glowsummers packed in snow décor and recipescherished physicalityfires that light my soullive seamlesslycelebrate endlesslyit’s … Continue reading Seasonality

Dreams, Vision and Mission

limitations of visionexclude wondersor horrorson another plane dreams open upsubconscious worldsbut I take them assignals from universe I’m a part of the universeIts energy flows through meYetunfamiliar is strangebelief systems restrictacceptance of real let me open uptill magical realms showdreams and visionare as real as me-it’s my dream-it’s my life’s mission dVerse Poetics

New Dawnings

long awaited bright lightfilters in through dark cracksof my worn-out windowscrevices on my ageing faceseek shelter from real worldsI am what I was (I tell myself)let’s wipe out all stories in between New dawnings are welcometo rearrange or meshto overwrite historyor start a story afresh my grey head perks upasking me to embrace my soultell … Continue reading New Dawnings


I shudder to thinkhow candy became superfluousin a practical mindsetso-called maturityI’m afraid the buried childwill wake up and demandshort-term gratificationsomedayto make life seem worthwhileand that moment of joywill outliveprofundity of existencediscovered elsewhere Quadrille #166 at dVerse


a soul scarred for lifeevery moment is a strifesurrendered pieces of selfcall for restorationlife-cycle completion The one that damagedand got awayoccupies all mind spacerevenge is survivalnot a competitionor race How do they knowwhat I’ve been throughthey never had compassionbut will know retributiongo through the same cyclepain, helplessnessto know the impactof their callousness justice divinenot mine … Continue reading Revenge


Tell me, O PhoenixAre you the sameas older versionsAre you only oneunique work of artor a subversion? Do fire and ashremain neutralto retain your core?Do you rememberscars on the soulor tales of yore… your colorsIncredibly beautifulis the compositiona fractalor has it changedsoul of rendition? fractals are miraclesbut do those speeding,repeating patternsfeel aliveon straight pathswith no … Continue reading Reincarnations