Thesaurus to Thesis -shades of meaning allude to the same thing -perspectives draw lines between bonds -sever ties of faith and trust till truth disintegrates Evaporates.. Lets the Devil fly… graveyards of memory release ghosts to invade life incapacitate the living block forward motion Burn all bridges, till there is nothing left to struggle for or vie … Continue reading Thesaurus to Thesis

Yes, but….

Yes, you were nice to me today but why do you expect that I forget verbal blows and barbs you damaged me with and move ahead forgetfully whole holding splinters together with imagined glue knowing It will fall apart when I stop pretending you are normal and I’m whole Yes, you were nice to me … Continue reading Yes, but….

Tales Unheard

Nameless people in a house on stilts without an address The lake turns red A shadow is murdered Flowing waters the only witness waters change, time flows snow unfreezes to merge with emptiness Someone calls as oars cut through tales unheard A boatman sings voiceless anonymous… A spy’s life- fictitious infamous much maligned patriotic, self-effacing … Continue reading Tales Unheard


I moved the whole caboodle to a new premise yet bits and pieces lie scattered on deserted floors broken glass with stains of blood sticky particles that defy definition neither carbon or oxygen they just obstruct respiration when I breathe free in my dreams unpacked caboodles release unknown devils strategies to deal with the unfamiliar … Continue reading Caboodles


I see you hanging between planets entry not granted by any entity to your dark soul propelled by curses blocked by positive forces Karma paybacks on a roll dark depths of my angst provoked by monstrosities battles of control go away know not what to say I see you somewhere there struggling to justify you … Continue reading Resurgence


who toppled the small fry? -who felt threatened? Goliath's inner insecurity - or instability of mind -limited perspectives don't see high architectural expertise I’d put this house  on the top of a hill let my life  go topsy turvy with a strong will let insecurities  slide away -all negatives that have held sway on weak … Continue reading Balance


menacing, short steps bring him closer every moment venomous blues cloud imagination to torment I know it’s the end strapped to monitors once again “See what fear does,” he says addressing the interns “to neural pathways in the brain. Extrapolated vision tenses up nerves I’m not an executioner just look like one….” Darkness envelopes I’m … Continue reading Nightmarish

Sneaky Snoopy

Sneaky Snoopy hangs on to every word I use as an alibi to escape that boring dinner   sets up Dad against me just because I ignored him (Snoopy) in the ball   Sneaky Snoopy will show up on my window sill as I prep and preen for my play date   I might … … Continue reading Sneaky Snoopy

A time to stand

A time to think A time to analyse A time to stand up for truth A time to stand up to power A time to make your presence felt For how long will you get manipulated agree, applaud, walk away with indoctrinated pride? For how long will you believe stories crafted to suit a purpose … Continue reading A time to stand


Anticipation brings in wild ideas I feel my shape changing to suit an imagined future -strangulated by serpentine coils of fear and greed. Why does happiness never come alone pure and untainted- to make me a fairy and break the human spell? Why await destiny thinking – what’s on the other side Heaven or Hell? … Continue reading Destiny