I got an idea out of the blue

your self-worth is not in your inbox,
nor those glances of approval
you will win the race on light feet,
unshackled from expectations.

Take time to stop and assess…
Are you where you planned to be?
Or beyond the realm of dreams,
reached better destinations?

Ready to jump off the cliff,
egging on others to join
you see valleys of happiness…
It is not crazy, it is perception.

Crack the eggshell to emerge from
predefined roles, change DNA.
Species evolve into individuals.
It is called self-actualization….

if I don’t go with you
I got an idea out of the blue…

Poetics – Resolving to Resolve

Friday Fictioneers


30 thoughts on “I got an idea out of the blue

  1. Wow! This is really beautiful. I wish I’d had these words when I was with my grandniece this weekend, and she was feeling “stared at” and insecure because, yes, she has an out-there haircut, but she chose it and should be proud to carry it. At 23, I still don’t thinks she’s strong enough to be herself. Next time, I’ll remember your words.

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