Message with the flowers

I’d always rush to her house in times of celebrations or whenever she needed a shoulder to cry on.

It kinda feels funny to order a bouquet and accompanying paraphernalia online, to be delivered next door. They will take a day to deliver. But the local florist shut shop during the lockdown. And her house is sealed to protect others.

We have a long chat on the phone.She misses us as we miss her.

I receive a call from the delivery boy in the morning,

“Are you sure the message is right? I see a funeral being organized here.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers


30 thoughts on “Message with the flowers

      1. You’re quite right, Reena. It’s how we blend plot, description and character into our story arc, in a way that gives some insight into humanity, that is why our work as writers is worthwhile.

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