Message with the flowers

I’d always rush to her house in times of celebrations or whenever she needed a shoulder to cry on. It kinda feels funny to order a bouquet and accompanying paraphernalia online, to be delivered next door. They will take a day to deliver. But the local florist shut shop during the lockdown. And her house … Continue reading Message with the flowers

In Situ

A television ad shakes us up, “You’ll never find a batch like ours - who never stepped out of the house to study, but did so while watching a father breathe with oxygen support, or a mother slogging invisibly to let the children find a quiet space.” A friend is visiting, but she warns us … Continue reading In Situ


The sight is scary - bodies found floating in holy rivers. Scarier are the human vultures mud larking on the shore, on a spree to find jewels on dead bodies. They don’t realise the families of the unfortunate dead were too scared of infected bodies, and too poor to afford a proper cremation. (52 words) … Continue reading Unfortunate