Matching up

The headlines scream a top actress is quitting the film industry. Filmmakers have earned billions just by having her oomph painted on billboards.

Reporters throng to ask her if the failure of her last movie has sparked the decision.

Her cryptic answer is “Picking up the worst in me, and matching it to people’s expectations is not difficult ….It’s tougher to believe I’m doing whatever I do. And they won’t like seeing the best in me, because it leaves the critic in them jobless. They lose their purpose in life, if there are no miserable beings to be rescued.”


22 thoughts on “Matching up

  1. Nice commentary on those bottom-feeders who only find nourishment in the dregs. And thus have to make more for their greedy selves. Well done!


  2. For some, criticizing others is a way to make oneself feel better. I don’t understand the concept. Conjures the phrase “misery loves company”. It’s a shame finding fault with a person, then gossiping about it is “big business”, that it sells magazines, books, movies.

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  3. unfortunately the only defense is fairly difficult, i.e. to detach (not ignore, which is still to maintain the relationship, which is to say, the negative energy transaction)… detaching can only be accomplished by one. it is never (as often mistakenly assumed) a negotiation.
    thought-provoking as always

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