Whose gain?

“That’s a hell lot of money to pay for painted pipes, and make it occupy pride of place.”

“Remember the theme of the conference – Recycling Waste. We needed symbolic art.”

“Hmmm… I wonder who is wasting what. We have energized some deep pockets … not sure of the research notes those speakers are doling out inside.”

“It is true of all conferences. People need to post pictures on their websites and social media accounts.”

21 thoughts on “Whose gain?

  1. Some show is important for a conference. Does not matter whose pocket is being energised.As regards to research notes, who reads them anyway. May be a few serious scientific types.

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  2. Granted visual images are necessary, to what extent does the publisher have a responsibility for the quality of the art? Bad art is like bad food – it will make you ill if you’re exposed to too much of it.

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