Shocking Potential

During the pandemic phase, I shared the story of a 84-year man who climbed 14 kilometers uphill on a steep slope, in a state of delirium. He was considered to be physically weak after recovery from Covid. The potential of the human body is amazing. Maybe his mind would have stopped him in a more conscious state.

The unknown potential of the mind is in connecting seemingly unconnected stuff, and spinning new stories out of it. That is why our thoughts or dreams leave us amazed at times. 

The conscious mind functioning on reason or logic would not do it. At another level, these improbable thoughts are termed as insanity. Insanity is also about causing discomfort to saner elements, as it disturbs their state of existence. There is disharmony between the internal and external world.

The only thing that lies in our control is to process improbable thoughts, till you reach some sort of logical conclusion.

The processing is done with a series of Why’s which connect thoughts. The trail may lead us to a deeper cause. The cause can lie in forgotten childhood years or something we have suppressed as improper. The nagging thoughts emerge somewhere else, and in some other way.

It need not scare us, as long as it is pro-life, pro-development and does not land you in prison for breaking the law. Negativity, resentment, rage and disappointment are all so much a part of us. They need to be acknowledged and released to clear the path for the future.

At times, there is a vested interest in holding on to it. It may be a confirmation bias or an attempt to rationalize past behavior. We don’t like being declared guilty, even by ourselves. It’s much easier to park the blame somewhere else, and live in peace.


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