Shocking Potential

During the pandemic phase, I shared the story of a 84-year man who climbed 14 kilometers uphill on a steep slope, in a state of delirium. He was considered to be physically weak after recovery from Covid. The potential of the human body is amazing. Maybe his mind would have stopped him in a more … Continue reading Shocking Potential


Tools If smallness bothers me, I humiliate others. If inadequacy nags, I tell others they are not perfect. Emptiness in my life drives me to get involved in other lives, stick to them like a leech they can’t get rid of. I transfer all my stress. I feed on their discomfort. I have my battles … Continue reading Tools


“I set fire to the blanket, because it was made of snow. But it did not burn, just sublimated.” “And the zombie fire beneath the snow continues to flare?” “Yes. Suppressed rage is often labelled insanity." “We are here to help you sublimate the rage,” the doctor has his most congenial expression on. Idly, I … Continue reading Snow

Holding a mirror

If I hold a mirror to you, will you recognise yourself? You may call me disfigured, broken or ugly You may say conforming is the only way to go Will you see shades of your fractured self in me? You may call me disfigured, broken or ugly For all that is different, is alien to … Continue reading Holding a mirror

That’s not me

I surprise myself with my resilience I still breath in toxic ambience I wonder if brains alter with what I face jumping from manic to depressive phase I analyse what’s inaccessible see blindness, hear the inaudible Then I see shadows that follow me It’s so familiar, but that’s not me I die several deaths, but … Continue reading That’s not me

The Word I find a word somewhere on my morning walk, and I don’t know what it means. I stash it away in my bag as a keepsake, a reminder of the wonderful morning I feel lucky to breathe in. The horror starts when the bag starts getting heavy. My shoulders ache, so I place it … Continue reading The Word

Projection — SacredCircleforWomen

How often have you felt you are being unfairly accused of things you did not think about or do? It’s not about you, it’s about them. PROJECTION Projection is a mechanism where people accuse others of things they feel guilty or inferior about, or don’t like about themselves. Since the process is subconscious, they do […]Projection … Continue reading Projection — SacredCircleforWomen

Layers of insanity

1. The marriage did not last.  Her husband complained she starts yelling and throwing things at him, as soon as he closed the bedroom door. His family said they cannot handle her insanity. Her father remained silent, but had tears in his eyes. He had to fight to get her out of the clutches of … Continue reading Layers of insanity