Right to Be

She’s accused of being unsocial. 

They spare no opportunity to blame her for indifference or  breaking rules set by others. 

She understands the reason for animosity is a personality difference, but does not understand what stops them from minding their own business.

Another accusation flies, another shard cuts her soul, another day brings in a desperate desire to escape….

“Will you ever realize that interference breaks my rhythm of thought, as much as it does your sense of comfort in dealing with certain personality types?”

They look aghast, as nobody has ever heard of a right to rhythm of thought.


23 thoughts on “Right to Be

  1. They’ll be some who insist everyone conform and any deviance from the “norm” are deemed “unsocial”. Or, could be as simple as “I don’t really like you, so stop bugging me!”
    Either way, not everyone understands the need for solitude.

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  2. This made me smile, Reena, as it sums up precisely a recent experience.
    There are people who just don’t get that some of us have a need and a right to internal privacy or, as you so eloquently express it, rhythm of thought.

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