Zoned for comfort

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vanishing truths silent hush discovered as cloaked tempests brew lies the coming of the calm is embraced in a sacred place Reena’s Xploration Challenge?#181 Sacred Spaces -Eugi Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Internet Dating

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Ever since social-distancing measures have removed the ease of meeting people from the equation, I have been thinking about finding a dating site, but I am not sure which one to choose.  I am not interested in any of those hookup sites, as I am not looking for flings,…

Finding Home

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Do we have to be awayto find home? Not the mortgagedtwo cars in the drivewaydouble-income kind of dwelling I’m talking peacein the heart, comfortin the soul, blessed home I have felt Presencein nature, witnessed Spiritin a newborn’s eyes beheld reverence in a dyingsister’s final breath – fleetingglimpses, nothing…

Reflective Space!

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Denis The second wave of the pandemic has gripped many parts of the world.  With a steep spike in daily cases, an untold anxiety and fear cripples the mind. A home today has a wider purview to be more inclusive. With members of the family confined indoors, working from home,…


Very few people know that the much-eulogised greenery and ambient temperatures of this small town are a gift from my father. I take pride in being born to this humble auto-rickshaw driver who carried seeds with him, and planted some on the roadside, whenever he did not have a passenger to ferry. When I lost … More OBITUARY

The Nest Up Top

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  With words I weave a nest atop Your esplumoir, ever rickety and strange as each poem inside the weft eggs a bestiary, of eagle or whale, moth and vole, a verbal panoply root breasted and leaf blessed. It’s precarious endeavor, smooth in daily sense yet teetering with the…