Wandering truth

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Adventure Next

She gritted her teeth and began the climb. But it felt surprisingly easy as the pull of gravity lessened. Soon, she will see the planets who claim to have influenced her life in so many ways. And boy, does she have questions to ask them? It’s a better idea to thank them first for all … Continue reading Adventure Next

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #273: Day 90- High Score

High Score ….by Amanda

merciful acts in a battle with forces of misery

I used to play Mario, and have hissy fits at the screen when I would lose, I hated it, but everyone liked it, so I would play it and almost break the game system, and ruin it for everyone else. I was never a very happy child.

Everyone else would sit there laughing at making jokes, enjoying the thrill of the game, and I would be thinking about stealing wine from downstairs, because Mario made me so freaking nervous. I was always running of cliffs or jumping into the Goombas, hands shaking with anger or nervousness, and then running away to go find alcohol downstairs. I was 13.

My entire life as far as I can remember, has been very much like this game, a chaotic running into Goombas, or dealers, or cops, or people who want to kick my *** because I ripped them off, or my family…

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Happiness …. By Aboli Mane

A Writer In The Room

“I don’t know where I stashed it.”
“Stashed what?” The youngster asked.

Grandfather gazed at him through the horn wood spectacles as the septuagenarian opened various drawers around the house.


The youngster was befuddled. Happiness? To his innocent eyes, happiness was everywhere. 

It was in the smile that Papa flashed him when he did well in sports. In Mama’s caress as she fed him an extra roti. When he and his sister bickered it sparkled within her dimpled smile when he gave in to her demands. Among his rowdy school friends…it blazed during a well-matched brawl in the dusty maidan. 

As the youngster sat on the verandah he wondered how happiness could be stashed in a box. 

If only Grandfather played with him more instead of reading those stuffy books…he’d find it.

The stray dog that sometimes took up residence in their courtyard during difficult months found happiness in…

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Did you smile today? ……. Destiny

Destiny's Designz

Written for : Reena’s Xploration Challenge #273

I set out on a quest to claim my share
of happiness. They say there is plenty
to go around for everybody 🎉

I traveled at length, but none to
be found. Exhausted, I go home,
empty and forlorn. 😔

greeted at the door by hugs
of childish glee. tickles and
teases, she runs off giggling.
leaves me smiling 😊

a few steps in, another sweet
hug, a quick peck and off she
goes too… laughing
leaves me smiling 🤗

I peek into their rooms, I watch
them glance my way, a twinkle
of mischief in their eyes. I roll
my eyes, shake my head and
wink back a tease. 😉
I leave them smiling. 🤗

sometimeswe search high and
low, pay prices way more than
required. We take because we
give and only give if wereceive.
We fail to see what counts,

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PLAYFUL CONNECTION WITH OTHER PEOPLE: Reena’s Xploration Challenge (Happiness/Present Moment Video)

Playful connections….by Ken Hume

Poetry and Prose of Ken Hume

For this week’s XplorationChallenge, Reena has provided us with a video on the theme of happiness & being in the presentmoment. She encouraged us to watch it; reflect on it & write a Stream ofConsciousness piece on it. Below lies my contribution, hope you all enjoy the read! 👇👇🙏🤞😁📖


Staying in the present moment has always been a challenge for me with my mind constantly racing forward & back between the next day’s or next week’s activities/schedule or rehashing the previous day’s mistakes; stupid things I’ve said or jobs left undone. It’s a never ending cycle of could have done’s; should’ve done’s; what will I do & what if it doesn’t work out. It can be pretty exhausting! Over thinking and over analysis have always stole away any possibility of real happiness & contentment or of actually enjoying the moment…

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Happiness …by Elizabeth

Tea & Paper

a droplet of happiness

happiness is a second in the infinity 
it goes away with a blink of an eye
happiness is here and now
it’s a wish in yellow
a droplet in the eternity 
happiness is never and forever

Joining Reena’s Xploration Challenge. Reena asked us to watch the video below and write our feelings about it: “stream of consciousness’ writing”. Hope you enjoy my take on it!

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Reena’s Xploration Challenge #273 – Happiness

Happiness ….by Lady Lee


Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures.net
by Flash Alexander

Happiest when I’m with you
Sun’s bright and the sky is blue

Always in a euphoric trance
In the clouds and on air we dance

Challenges we can take together
Fighting our way through life whenever

Seeing the joy and delight in each one
Travelling, swimming, biking and have fun*


Envelope ourselves with compassion

When conformity nowadays is in fashion

All these hardship and challenges we feel

The burning enthusiasm, merciless zeal

Would be great to follow our passion

Some people survive with their ration

In poverty, some faces turned ashen

And in kind hearts we want to appeal

Envelope ourselves

Keep out of danger, seatbelts we fasten

Choices we make, innovation or cash in

On gentle breeze, with steady keel

Empathy and compassion we feel

Harmony is such one big fashion

Envelope ourselves*

(c) ladyleemanila 2023

*A Rondeau


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