Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91

Sadje’s contribution to Exploration Challenge #91

Keep it alive

Just like a pizza, there could be slices of life

All having a little bit different topping on them

The part I want to revisit today is the one that

Is not a perfect one, but on the contrary quite

Painful to remember and write about even now

It embodies when the pain and darkness were waiting

To engulf my soul because of the events that occurred

There are no details that I would share but it is enough

To say that due to what happened to one of my family

We all were living in a time which gave me the most painful

Memories and I shudder to think how I ever got over them

But I did: I survived that time and got stronger for it

That is my aim today to write about a dark era in the past

As it taught me that out of pain…

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Slice Of Life

Slice of life ….. by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

When I was up in baby heaven before I was born, they asked me if I wanted any brains, however I thought that they said pains, so I told them, “No Thank You.”  Three scientists went on an exposition to the Amazon Forest to study the rainforest and the biodiversity of life there.  They all spoke English, but Jules Beauchêne was from France, while Robert Davis was from Britain, and Steve Miller was from New York.  After a while wondering around they get lost, and suddenly men with spears jump out of the bushes to attack them.  It was kind of odd, but these natives also spoke English and one of them said, “Hey, you are on our sacred land, and the penalty for trespassing is that we have to skin you and then we will use your flesh to make canoes.  We will allow you to choose how you…

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power of your presencescorches my smallness….  how did I not see youall these yearsas you grew, blossomed,changed,turned unrecognizableand flew?  did I drinkin your benevolenceas you gave yourself awaydrop-by-droppint-by-pintand swelledinto the shape of oceans?  did I thinkwith closed eyesseeing shapesyou’d outgrownwhile you transformedinto butterfliesmade of light?  power of your presencemocks my awareness….

एक टुकड़ा ज़िन्दगी

English translation of the poem in Comments section

Playing with words

दे दे कोई टूटा सपना
या फिर कोई याद पुरानी
आया हूँ दर पर तेरे
दे दे एक टुकड़ा ज़िन्दगी ।१।

आंखें हैं मेरी कश्कोल
बुझा दे मेरी तिश्नगी
दिखा दे एक झलक मुझे
दे दे एक घूँट ज़िन्दगी ।२।

मत बाँट भले ख़ुशी अमित
संजों लेने दे आँसूं अपना
बना लूँगा मोती उसे
दे दे एक बूँद ज़िन्दगी ।३।

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Holding you with many hands

My one-year old slips out again. I hold serious reservations about returning to work, as I run out of the door. Nobody else could manage him. He is merrily playing with puppies in the backyard, as their dog mother keeps an eye firmly on her brood. I see my baby getting excited about a shiny … Continue reading Holding you with many hands

Her Slice of Life

Her slice of life ….. at thoughtsaboutthings dot net

Thoughts of Tee

Woman before an Aquarium Henri Matisse 1921-1923

Winsome, willowy, and free

In the early stages of life-

Young and without care!

Later, the chance to

lift her face to the sun becomes

limited by life,

love, husband, and children,

but still a possibility.

Children grow and abandon

the family home,

(at least that is the way she feels).

Now, there is time to be free again

unfettered by family tasks or work,

but she does not feel the freedom

as she did in her youth.

She ponders, where is her slice of life?

The one she can claim as her own.

TTL 6/13/19

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A mother’s love

A mother’s love ….. by kittysverses


The waters of the lake,

Glistening under the mid-morning sun,

Still, and not running so deep,

Bordering the fringe, the greens ever so thick,

Barely any light emanating amongst the foliage,

Lying half immersed, as lifeless as the rock beside it,

The one armed crocodile,

Bidding its time for a catch or two,

Kept me wondering, an arm lost:

Could it be?

Space domination, hunger pangs, vying for a partner ,

Protecting its young one or merely something else?

As the boat moved further,

With the boatman goading us to ,

Enjoy the sights of egrets, cormorants, storks,

And yet other migratory birds,

A sight so warm and deep,

And yet taken for granted,

Of a mother painted stork,

A beauty by herself,

With colourful wings

Of pink, black, yellow, white,

Resolving a fight amongst her kids,

Trying to be impartial and teaching ,

Lessons of sharing and brotherhood,


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