“Is that so? What happens next?” And here those interns holding up the giant board fumbled. “Well, you might as well not take a risk.” “What kind of risk?” “It makes sense to part with some money than …” “Than what?” The screen fell, and a young crowd emerged laughing. “Join the party. We are … Continue reading Warning



Cesspool …. by Indira

Sharing Thoughts



One of my greatest fears is

What if

The people get used to the stench

thecesspool of all the vices


What if

intheir desperation

theystart to follow

whenyou can’t fight them, join them

andstart enjoying as much as

theinhabitants of the cesspool

What if




andtheir will to

standagainst injustice

andtheir fight

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Twitter …. By Len

I'm nobody! Who are you?

Responding to Reena’s exploration challenge with the prompt word CESSPOOL: https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2022/11/24/reenas-xploration-challenge-258/

I’m not sure why I rejoined the cesspool of Twitter in January 2022, perhaps it was boredom, or trying to keep up to date on world politics. If Twitter can be counted as a go-to source for that activity. I originally joined for the first time back in 2018, but the Twitter logo of the bluebird of happiness quickly changed to a devouring vulture, and having never experienced the nature of trolling it was quite a shock to the system. So I left after two years.

So now I am back with 353 followers, while I follow 249. I always follow back after reviewing the follower’s bio and a sample of their tweets, so you may wonder about the 104 discrepancies between my followers and the people I follow. This 30% discrepancy is accounted for by the number of…

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The frosty cesspool of humanity ….by Ken Hume

Poetry and Prose of Ken Hume

For today’s poem, my last one of the week, I’ve amalgamated 2 prompts! One from Reena’s Xploration Challenge: CESSPOOL & the other being Ragtag Daily Prompt’s word for Saturday: FROSTY. Below lies my contribution. 👇👇 Hope ye enjoy the read

The foul; rancid stench of excrement, dripping from him as Frank emerged from his nightly job cleaning the city’s enormous cesspool, filthy; smelly yet strangely satisfied. The pungent odour emanating from his body permeated the cold; early morning air. He walked home quickly @ 5am for fear anyone would see him or worse still…. Smell him.

It was in stark contrast to the frosty reception of his family when he told them of his new employment. They’d alienated him, disowned him completely! Told him they wanted nothing more to do with him, even going so far as to cut off his inheritance and cross over to the…

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Human instincts #writephoto #RXC

Human instincts ….by Jude Itakali


The herd
stronger together
one identity
one way
but death prowls this walking feast

A predator forged through struggle
Chance is rare and often fatal
when death throws scraps
to watch strong devour weak

The human being is a cocktail of animal instincts
we are nature’s experiment on choice
wading a cesspool of feral proclivities
where evils seduce
but good will not be silenced.

In the herd we embrace belonging
In the pack we hone the skills to survive

Alone we long to wander,
but home always calls to us

they say strength seeks to dominate
yet many strive to uplift

Our journeys may be solo
but we often crave companionship
To share joys and dilute despairs
For just like misery
happiness too, loves company

this cocktail of instinct holds a predator with the will to survive and conquer
these everglades of choice contains the herd where harmony…

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a soul scarred for lifeevery moment is a strifesurrendered pieces of selfcall for restorationlife-cycle completion The one that damagedand got awayoccupies all mind spacerevenge is survivalnot a competitionor race How do they knowwhat I’ve been throughthey never had compassionbut will know retributiongo through the same cyclepain, helplessnessto know the impactof their callousness justice divinenot mine … Continue reading Revenge

Political Cesspool

Political cesspool – by Ami Offenbacher – Ferris

Gypsie’s Wonderful World of Words

By Gypsie-Ami Offenbacher-Ferris

Picture Courtesy of: poophappens.com

In response to –
Reena’s Xploration Prompt #258

It’s a whirling, swirling cesspool of power hungry, greed possessed individuals purporting to represent and fight for the liberty and rights of those who voted them into positions of great and small importance.

Circling towards the center vortex in pursuit of fame, fortune and control, just like a tornado or water spout, tsunami or cyclone. These forces collapse, leaving waste and debris in the wake of what began as good intentions, but becomes corrupted by the very power they seek. Leaving behind a cesspool of spoils reeking of lies, wrong doings and evil intent.

To clean the cesspool, it must be drained completely and refilled from the bottom up with fresh representatives. Then, it’s purity must be nurtured, protected and rewarded to instill and protect its integrity. Lest our leaders become nothing but…

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Black Friday

Jim has an interesting prompt for us this week …

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

For years America’s best sports tradition has been the rivalry between the Black Knights from West Point and the Midshipmen from Annapolis where the Army versus Navy football game was dubbed “America’s Game”.  Gone are the days when America’s service academies were national powerhouses, but the game will forever hold a place in American culture.  Generations ago, both Army and Navy were football powerhouses, combining for four national championships.  The term Black Friday wasn’t in common use nationwide before 1985, however it was known in Philadelphia, where the Army Navy game was hosted in the city 89 of the 122 contests.  This made sense, as Philadelphia was roughly equidistant from the two academies.  This game was historically played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (a date on which most other major college football teams end their regular seasons).  In the early 1950s, this game attracted more than 100,000 people, filling John F. Kennedy Stadium…

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More than a Black Friday

I am a late entrant to the field of budgeting, but wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. I have given in to impulse, all the more when I was transfixed by an item in shop windows. Gifting assumes more serious proportions. I happen to be in an environment, where relationships, affection and devotion are measured … Continue reading More than a Black Friday