“So, you are now caught in this whirlpool of being accused of a crime … what do you think can help you in extricating yourself from this mess?” “My lawyers and my wealth……..” “That is a lot of support … what is the next step that you should be taking?” She looked flummoxed, “Aren’t you …

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Sharing a few thoughts and techniques on Reading .... A busy mind is not a receptive mind. We read in blocks, and a lot is quickly absorbed, because it is anticipated. At times, these preconceived anticipation can interfere with what the author is trying to say. A small exercise to declutter your mind before reading …

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Do not think about entering this space, if you wish to live peacefully hereafter. Here lies a lot of guilt, remnants of stuff you have overcome to move ahead, unfulfilled desires, goals and plans you once nurtured and skeletons of the person you once wanted to be. Retrace your steps, move away before anything creeps …

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By her side

By her side …. by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

Invading through her vast expanse,

To create,

A tiny corner to call my own.

Imprisoning her abundance,

To enjoy,

Gardens of my own.

Imploring on her kindness,

To lavish,

Amassing luxuries of my own.

She speaks in various tones and decibels,

Care to comprehend any ?

Silence, her only solace,

Darkness, shields her pain,

That piercing truthful daylight,

Is that which brings out many flaws,

One of her many sons and daughters, I,

Care to be by her side?

78 words.

P.S :- Through this poem, I pay my respects to Mother Nature.

Acknowledgements :- These lines from the poem prompt were my inspiration for today’s prompt. “All is not well, all is not right..”. Thank you Reena Ma’am for running the challenge at Reena’s Exploration Challenge #136. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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The Empire

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful place.” “It takes a long time, manipulation and mean strategy to build illusions.” “Why illusions? You are free to step into the lights and dance. Let me film your cheer…” I said a silent prayer to preserve my daughter’s smile. “There is so much which has not been filmed. …

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