Intended Destinations

The journey from this point to that which was so arduous before, does not hold appeal. My feet and bottom are too big to get on those shaky metal rods. When did I outgrow myself? How cool is it to not know the possibilities, the horizons that lie beyond your view and see yourself as … Continue reading Intended Destinations



The Chosen Form is Cyclus The Cyclus is:○ a 12-line poem.○ syllabic, syllables per line 2-4-6-6-4-2-2-4-6-6-4-2○ unrhymed. flash ofsudden brilliancequick insight in darkness-a momentary strikefrom troubled skies-changesviewpoints-offers a choicebetween velvet darknessor illuminatedpathways tearingdark wombs Written for Tanka Tuesday Weekly Prompt - Theme - Nature of Lightning

Mornings break or make

I have a set of four quadrilles for the Quadrille#158 prompt at dVerse he drives past a red lightis penalizedthinks it’s less gruesomethan facing the monster bossa few minutes later He thinks of his beautiful houseand then the EMIwhich makes him stick to the jobpretend to worshiphis monster boss an endless daystretches before himnot knowing … Continue reading Mornings break or make

Growing up with Truth

me-waitingto grow up,embrace freedombut Ido notknow travailsawaiting me-life factswant tomake themselvesknown, accepted-Truth slow,losingbattles tofind new meaningknows Iwill reachpinnaclesafter readingmaps pathsshow uponly whenI acknowledgeTruth


It’s my birthdayand I think… Am I happy aboutbeing where I am?despite all that I did not likebut managed to overcome… Sure, life could’ve been betterbut it’s almost over now Why not celebrate lessons learntPreparedness for another journey?

Power is contextual

Viktor Frankl made me feel immensely powerful – in the small gap between stimulus and response. I have a choice here – to do or not do something. It makes life worthwhile. The person opposite me, too, wields the same power. And it may not be aligned to my life path or strategy, or designed … Continue reading Power is contextual

A step forward

Having reached there after a long, hard struggle matters. It matters less that only the way ahead is visible, not the destination. Past experience says trouble can follow again. What if this path is not the right one? Is there an exit option available? Should he consult a few experts before taking the final decision? … Continue reading A step forward

Being alive Sadje's prompt It takes a lot of courage to be here - being alive to warm your soul. They believe a lamp spreads light by burning itself. I burn to fulfil the purpose of existence. It’s the only way I know to exist. I revel in self-created auras around me. If someone benefits, it’s … Continue reading Being alive

Life after Death

How does it feel like to see light at the end of the tunnel? It was there all along, but I was focussed on darkness in the tunnel and claustrophobia. I even forgot to explore depths of darkness and discover hidden secrets there. Limited me! absolute darknessblinded by infinity-Regain your powerSee your soul merged with … Continue reading Life after Death