Power is contextual

Viktor Frankl made me feel immensely powerful – in the small gap between stimulus and response. I have a choice here – to do or not do something. It makes life worthwhile. The person opposite me, too, wields the same power. And it may not be aligned to my life path or strategy, or designed … Continue reading Power is contextual

A step forward

Having reached there after a long, hard struggle matters. It matters less that only the way ahead is visible, not the destination. Past experience says trouble can follow again. What if this path is not the right one? Is there an exit option available? Should he consult a few experts before taking the final decision? … Continue reading A step forward

Being alive

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2stmCKlcH44ZhZmAdwqZZa?si=44de61b638464386 Sadje's prompt It takes a lot of courage to be here - being alive to warm your soul. They believe a lamp spreads light by burning itself. I burn to fulfil the purpose of existence. It’s the only way I know to exist. I revel in self-created auras around me. If someone benefits, it’s … Continue reading Being alive

Life after Death

How does it feel like to see light at the end of the tunnel? It was there all along, but I was focussed on darkness in the tunnel and claustrophobia. I even forgot to explore depths of darkness and discover hidden secrets there. Limited me! absolute darknessblinded by infinity-Regain your powerSee your soul merged with … Continue reading Life after Death

Counting steps

August approached in a golden sweltering haze. It does every year, as Leo season begins, and astrologers start writing rosy forecasts. In a few days ….life goes back to normal, with all its struggles, joys, sorrows …. as it was before I turned another leaf in the book of Time. How do we end up … Continue reading Counting steps


Sage needs to be added before or during the cooking process to flavour a meat. A person becomes a sage, after life has flavoured his/her thinking process. I don’t know who decided that the flavour matters, not the time of addition or impact. Language hides a lot of humor and pain. It has been created … Continue reading Flavors

Spaces in between

What I want? What I don’t? What can I change? What I can’t? What do I do, and how? What should I refrain from, and why? Life happens, or falls between the crevices of Os and 1s A lifetime is not enough to write and manage an ever-changing code. (237 characters) https://katmyrman.com/2019/09/03/twittering-tales-152-3-september-2019/

Growing up

life pursues expansion to grow from ends narrow to broader views   excited enthusiastic opening eyes discovering our brilliance in the bright new world   tired witty, but sarcastic weary, but wise we return from eminence longing for old moulds   we outgrew the need to know being better than thou -starting anew https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2019/08/22/reenas-exploration-challenge-101/

In process

A soul cries to be reborn, full of promise, full of regret and fired with intent to get it right this time around. A genetic framework is created to house the intent. It sees the light of the world once again, and squeals in delight – the world labels it as crying (there are no … Continue reading In process