“Provocative statements lead to deep insights. It brings out concealed and suppressed thoughts.” “Hmmm… You’ve built your career in law with this strategy.” “I need to bring out the truth, to take the case forward.” “And sometimes, plant seeds of a thought which did not exist before.” “What are you arriving at?” He is visibly … Continue reading Provoked



Projection is a far more common phenomenon than I ever thought of.  Arrogance never admits folly. Their acts are just a faux pas, always meant to disappear in flames, labeled as a foul mood. But the core evil of intent is passed on to someone else as final judgment, transposed on another to provide relief … Continue reading Projection

Breaking Mirrors

I watch with disbelief unidentifiable pieces of a splintered self mock and challenge like ten heads of Raavan never at peace with each other I search for the base on which rest pieces of a damaged psyche Re-engineering too needs a logic in the face of bullets flying from all sides I redefine the self … Continue reading Breaking Mirrors

If I were an app

I curse my creator everyday. He is glorified for inventing an app for reading the mind, and telling users if they are on the right track vis-a-vis their life goals. I’m sure they benefit as my workload increases every hour. But … shall I confess? I break down a little every hour. The burden of … Continue reading If I were an app

Ineptitude He trudges on in the desert, as the weight of the basket increases with every step. Special boots do not help. The glasses he wears obstruct clear vision, The compass shows a certain direction, but he’s not sure why is he following that. The ineptitude shows. He has never been trained for mental strength … Continue reading Ineptitude

Projection — SacredCircleforWomen

How often have you felt you are being unfairly accused of things you did not think about or do? It’s not about you, it’s about them. PROJECTION Projection is a mechanism where people accuse others of things they feel guilty or inferior about, or don’t like about themselves. Since the process is subconscious, they do […]Projection … Continue reading Projection — SacredCircleforWomen

Life in a glass bowl

“I admire the conviction you have in yourself, Vivian, like how you just keep going, not taking cognisance of obstacles placed in your path. May I ask what is the source of that strength?” “I did not know till a hypnotherapy session brought back a memory, where I’d picked up a chit from a blue … Continue reading Life in a glass bowl

A hole in the sky

Photo by Lisa on Remember when you said that? what you spewed out as words remnants of your self-esteem hurting in hope of self-repair What you spewed out as words carried venom stored for long it’s eating up your insides remnants of your self-esteem ineffective in its smallness It needs a boost for sure… … Continue reading A hole in the sky