Anatomy of Fear

feeling my way throughlong corridors of darknessI found latent strength-what stops me is only fearof stumbling on a road blockand being rebuked for it

A hole in the sky

Remember when you said that? what you spewed out as words remnants of your self-esteem hurting in hope of self-repair What you spewed out as words carried venom stored for long it’s eating up your insides remnants of your self-esteem ineffective in its smallness It needs a boost for sure… hurting in hope of self-repair … More A hole in the sky


“Read my thoughts if you can” is the title of the game. The class is flabbergasted how much the readers revealed about their own mindsets, than the human books. What Harry says or thinks about Tom, is about Harry, not Tom. (220 characters)

I Believe….

A godman has been arrested, after being charged for several episodes of rape and murder. The news is being flashed all over media. There appears a woman, and then, a few more…  I could have walked past them in a crowd without looking twice, but the hollowness in their demeanor holds my attention for now. … More I Believe….