On camera

Parenting is a huge topic of discussion, as a superstar’s son is arrested for drug abuse. Everybody talks about setting examples, and a deteriorating value system.

I guess values change from generation to generation, and it happens with every generation, not just the ones following or preceding us.

“Do you really think our parents were really pristinely pure beings, who never thought or did anything wrong?”

It drives my sister into silence, as she flips through the scripts she has received to be shortlisted for television soaps, “I don’t think so, but it helped them not to have social media or video. Now we are setting examples even when we are away from the kids.”

25 thoughts on “On camera

  1. Try as one might, no one, child or parent, is perfect, BUT we all can choose to learn from our mistakes and become better and give a little grace to ourselves and others when they don’t live up to their/our expectations. There are many ways parents can set examples. Videos, social media and TV shows they do or don’t watch are some of the ways, but other actions in the home and in the world around them do not go unnoticed by their children not matter what age.
    Thanks again for another SSS that made us think.

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  2. Point well taken regarding the influence of social media in our current culture. While there is good from this “instant” connection, it would appear not all have the ability to maintain perspective. Young people, unless receiving guidance from their parents, especially.

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