Reena’s Xploration Challenge

First in this week ….Michael’s take on the first Xploration Challenge of 2022.


It’s new … does it mean it’s welcome?

My wife went into labour at what I thought was the most inopportune time. Barely a year before my son had been born. He was a difficult child, demanding, and a law unto himself.

I felt as though I had finally gotten a handle and how best to deal with him when I was faced with the prospect of having to go through it all again.

As we drove to the hospital my resentment grew. I felt trapped into an everlasting struggle with babies.

But when baby is due and making all the signs of coming out into the world there is not much you can do but be there and see what happens.

In the labour ward, there was a huge photo on the wall of a flowing stream, I think it was meant to provide mothers with a sense of…

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Evolutionary journeys

It is like getting to know them all over again, when they visit in the holidays - the long phone calls and FaceTime chats notwithstanding. Reality strikes hard. It’s not enough to know what they are eating or wearing. I don’t know what goes through their minds in the interim phase, and what journeys they … Continue reading Evolutionary journeys


On camera Parenting is a huge topic of discussion, as a superstar’s son is arrested for drug abuse. Everybody talks about setting examples, and a deteriorating value system. I guess values change from generation to generation, and it happens with every generation, not just the ones following or preceding us. “Do you really think our parents … Continue reading On camera

Parenting a stranger

“Just how could you do that, Anita? She is your flesh and blood.” “Yes, and it placed enormous responsibility on my shoulders. I couldn’t recognize this deplorable monster though she came from me.” “Yet, turning her in to the police?” “We are biologically linked, but two different individuals with different value systems. One has to … Continue reading Parenting a stranger


That kid sitting in the shopping cart was both awful and awesome – for the manner in which he manoeuvred his parents through the supermarket aisles, to buy stuff of his choice. “Sonny, we can’t afford to buy all that in a week.” “You should have chosen to remain child free.” They were taken aback … Continue reading Brats