There are tiny rocks in my path every day, which I toss around to create new patterns.

Today is different. An unknown mysterious force has placed a massive rock there. My dog expends energy in sniffing around it, gives me a very positive look. I warn him against trying to move it. I’ve experienced blocks before.

He is smarter … just shows me the path to skirt around the rock and discover another path on the other side.

build an overbridge

when the world stops suddenly

-a new one awaits

48 thoughts on “Rocks

  1. बाधाएं यदि बडी हैं जो दूर नहीं हो रही, मार्ग बदलना ही श्रेयस्कर है । संघर्ष करके ऊर्जा नष्ट करना उचित नहीं हैं ।
    I think you know hindi.

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    1. I experienced this right now. Couldn’t understand why Lisa used the number 10000 in her piece. She enlightened me and I could delve into a totally new branch of thought.

      I could have just written a perfunctory “Great post!” remark and missed out on it. Maybe questioning her terminology was audacious, and a bit of extra work, but helped me.

      See the comments on Lisa’s post.

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