Most sensitive human

She sees black figures wrapping themselves around people, as they board the train. In a minute, she is screaming and running across the railway platform asking for the train to be cancelled, in anticipation of disaster.

She is ignored as being a lunatic.

In less than an hour, news about a train accident flashes across TV channels.

She has this unfortunate ability to see shadows of death, but nobody has ever believed her. 

Nobody else sees or feels the invisible, omnipotent force that makes itself perceptible to the most sensitive human on earth.


24 thoughts on “Most sensitive human

  1. I believe there are those with this ability Reena. And, like you said, most are viewed as lunatics. Without doubt there may be more of those however, we should not discount the fact there are some people “more attuned to the universe”.

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        1. This is about the protagonist getting a cornea transplant and she starts seeing Messengers of Death. Investigation reveals that the cornea donor was a girl who had this psychic ability and was victimised by villagers in the belief that she was a witch or evil or something like that.

          Maybe the movie was based on the story you read.

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