Reena’s Xploration Challenge #196

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Sacred Circle for Women

I’m penning down the small ’28’ poem that came to mind

so much manipulation
to meet you somewhere again
to know we don same colours
-get lost exploring others


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39 thoughts on “Reena’s Xploration Challenge #196

      1. I had a tough time interpreting the prompt. Here’s how my thought process went. not sure it is quite evident in the piece.

        1) Stanza 1 – I interpreted the left face of the cube to resemble her head… her bindi standing out thru her dark hair.
        2) Stanza 2 – I interpreted the color on the right face of the cube to resemble color of her shyness. Of course the cube is in a hand, as is her face.
        3) Stanza 3 – The lone green cube reminds me of emerald hanging on her earlobe.
        4) Stanza 4 – There are many combinations of a rubik’s cube, but it is this one that I am interpreting- the only one that matters.
        5) Stanza 5 – Of course all this is just a game…. Didn’t quite know where to go with this idea.

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    1. You emerge from green rooms
      With a red dot on your forehead

      I hold your face in my hands
      and watch the colours of dawn

      There’s spring in my heart…
      emeralds on your ear lobes

      endless possibilities within….
      you showcase potential for me

      You are woman, not a toy
      Why do you get twisted like this?


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