“I can’t bring myself to forgive….”

Maria veers off mentally, fully knowing the barrage of words that would now be spewed out. She has heard it everyday for more than quarter of a century. She is kind of immune, but the idea of being stuck in a swamp stinks.

“I guess one should stop scraping wounds, when new skin starts growing. You kill the new before it has a chance to establish itself.”

“Do you think I enjoy the pain?” He acts hurt, as usual.

“No. You’re afraid of the new identity, that absence of this pain will give you.”


34 thoughts on “Afraid

  1. A great story, full of little gems of wisdom. Forgiving means letting go of something and having to fill that void with something else. Which takes a lot of courage. However, I can’t bring myself to blame people who have been hurt/abused so badly that they can’t forgive, not in many years, maybe not ever.

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  2. There are those who cannot, for whatever reason, move beyond the pain. Not for wanting, it, but perhaps for feeling safer with something they at least know and feels familiar … and perhaps is part of the identity they’d formed. Always sad, but often judged in a way that in of itself makes them snail into another wound.

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  3. The more we know about the human state of mind the less able we seem to be able to sort out humanities problems. Your story made me think. Well done.

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    1. I find myself stuck while writing a nature poem. It strikes me that I’ve remained focussed on humans, and not focussed enough on nature. Your comment made me think if the approach is flawed.


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