“Where’s Grandpa in this pic?”

“He’s buying tickets to a place where dreams were manufactured?”

“What kind of dreams?”

“Driving motorcycles on walls, hands-free swinging and doing a trampoline on nets..”

“You had no gyms?”

“We did not have the internet either…”

“Then, who gave them ideas to do all this?”



32 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Well, really–if it didn’t come from the internet. . . .

    Can you imagine our kids being transported to the world we grew up in? Depending on our age, phones were connected to wall, and you had to dial them. You did research in a library, using a card file and the Dewey Deciml System :). How antiquated can you get?


  2. Hah. How could people talk to each other outside the internet, unbelievable. LOL: They’ll get their due punishment when they get older and their own grandkids wonder at the fossil contraptions and slow communicators they used.

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  3. A digression: I was the grandpa who took all the pictures on a trip to El Salvador for a baptism. Years later my granddaughter who was baptized heard me speak about the trip and told me I was not on the trip. Some grandpas spend too much time buying the tickets and taking the pictures to get into the memories!

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