Summation of Life

“I have a clearer view of things now”. He was speaking with his eyes closed, and his favourite music playing in the background.

“Are you ready to get the will registered?” His wife sounds impatient.

“Not yet. But reading the book The Future of Your Money has given me immense clarity on what I would like to do. I jotted down some thoughts here, and reading what I have just written, I now believe there is more work to be done in the form of valuations, before we finalise the document.”

“I understand your need to be fair and just to all.” She is cooling down.

“Now, I understand what was driving me all my life, and where would I like it all to end. It is part of summation of my life, since the financial journey was driven by my philosophy of life.”

Prompt line credit

“Reading what I have just written, I now believe” 

Afterwards, by Louise Gluck

Some Prosery Cheer!

4 thoughts on “Summation of Life

  1. Summation of life… interesting content in the prose to go with the title. Well….for me, I hope the summation of my life cannot simply be read in the financial journey I’ve taken. That said, money is important to live with….one need only look at the economic devastation wrought on so many families because of this pandemic and loss of livelihood, jobs, and lives to realize, in the U.S., and in many other places across the globe, one does need money to subsist.

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