Know the rules

I felt the sand slipping beneath my feet, and soon I was sinking down below. I’d been caught in quicksand.

My classmates formed a human chain to pull me out, and succeeded in about seven minutes. We were on a zoology excursion to the Alibag beach.

The wonders of nature that we had fished out from the sea (molluscs, jellyfish, shells and stones of varied shapes and sizes) had turned into a horror of nature.

It can catch offguard

take care around nature

you know all the rules


15 thoughts on “Know the rules

  1. This is the wise other side of the nature coin, I think actually symetrical with Glen’s post, we are nature ourselves, we can’t subvert or avoid it. We can’t overpower quicksand, we can’t heat the world up to be too hat to survive and expect to keep living. Well done.

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    1. Yes. Luck ensured that I am alive and writing at this time. At times, we do not realize the enormity of the miracle, when it occurs. If I recall, I was worrying more about soiled clothes when out, and getting into water again to wash off the muck.


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