Human mind

Amnesia is not a dreaded word. It has not been one for decades. One can find life again and reconnect.

Somehow, this episode is different. I find myself in a world without Facebook and Instagram. There is no digital backup of life, and no tattoos on my body. The fire has damaged more than my skin.

Is it apocalypse? Yes, I remember this word. So, all is not lost. There is a life beyond, and I can still reconnect – with something more advanced than digital. I will live to invent that.

Hell hath no fire – like the human mind.


14 thoughts on “Human mind

        1. There has to be a force which created the universe – even if it is a natural, physical force like the sun, wind or lava in a volcano – or a combination of several such forces. Certain cultures worship elements of nature for their life-giving properties.

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