She was born with a talent to sketch. Her businessman father often joked, “Your artist grandpa’s creative genes bypassed me to reach you. Your children will probably get into business – like me.” “Dad, I’ll make sure they get creative. It is a challenge I accept.” They would guffaw loudly, as they moved to the … Continue reading Inheritance


The Truth

I knew it in that first meeting, when you gave all the right bytes a young girl wants to hear. And I happened to be heiress to a fortune. Your furrowed brows told me the truth, a mature woman understands. (40 words)  


“Well, I think it’s funny. It cannot be sheer coincidence that ……” His sentence was abruptly cut short by his half-brother, Billy…. “You never made an effort to decipher synchronicity. Universal energy flows in certain directions, and it can create magic.” “Magic, indeed! He did not kick the stool, but managed to kill himself.” “Read … Continue reading Who?

A sky to fly

“Don’t look for me, because you won’t find me.” Dylan almost wanted to put the letter down, and call the police, but then, he stopped to read on. “Thanks for all the support! You are the colonnade that enveloped my existence, helped me stay afloat, but also separated me from the skies I dream of … Continue reading A sky to fly

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #70

Writing takes me to nooks and corners I’ve never been before, and yet, I am unable to escape myself. The characters I paint are as I see them. I wonder if I will be forgiven to change their reality to suit me perspective. Cutting it short, here’s the prompt for this week. FOR THE NEW … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #70

Destiny overtakes

“Destiny overtook a mother’s will,” says the message to my husband as my dog breathes her last. The hands that nursed her back to health after rib and foot fractures, the hands that cleaned up what she threw out from her mega-oesophagus (a medical condition) could not protect her from the cruel arms of Death. … Continue reading Destiny overtakes

Under the stars

Sleeping under the stars, I think of you and your moon-like face shines in my dreams. The liquor heavy breath of the cleaner boy wakes me up. Dawn break is still an hour away, but we need to drive on – to reach destinations where you wait.   Three Line Tales #Week 55