Ineffectively intelligent

I chuckle at the coincidence. One of the trolls looks like a popular leader. I see reflections of his allies and opponents in the other figures, and start building stories around it. This promises to be a trip with high creative potential. On the way back, I see a rather threatening figure looming large in …

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Black Bag

The long drive has not prepared him for this. He is armed with a map, fired by ambition and powered by mercenaries of a secret mission. It is a modern-day treasure hunt, which had to be executed offline, with online aids. The coveted secrets now appear to be so in-his-face. It is the black bag …

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Blazing pen

He has experienced gut-wrenching hunger in his early years. Later, he found that fighting hunger is easier than fighting evil which suppresses independent thought. He is a writer who dares to present things in a different manner, and superimposes his vision on existing or non-existent objects. The vision may contradict known logic. The fire in …

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