Reena’s Exploration Challenge #148

Welcome back to another week of creativity! PROMPT #148 I am inspired by the following words, and offer the same as a writing prompt for this week. SilhouetteShadePhantomSpirit No, you don’t have to use all four. You can use one or more of the given words in your piece - poetry or prose. You may … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #148


Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77

Welcome to a very special week of the year! Many of us look forward to it, many are weary of the hoopla that doesn’t get anywhere. The journey has been chronicled by a few, but the story gets outdated very fast, as newer versions emerge. Yes, you got it right. It is about half of … Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77


Anticipation brings in wild ideas I feel my shape changing to suit an imagined future -strangulated by serpentine coils of fear and greed. Why does happiness never come alone pure and untainted- to make me a fairy and break the human spell? Why await destiny thinking – what’s on the other side Heaven or Hell? … Continue reading Destiny


We don’t have snow here, but the occasional hailstorm and heavy rains. Rains are predicted to dog us till the end of March, when normally, summer starts at this time. The winter clothes are not yet sent to the cleaners before being packed off for eight months. what’s the disturbance?light snow on TV screensindicative ofbad … Continue reading Indications

Human mind

Amnesia is not a dreaded word. It has not been one for decades. One can find life again and reconnect. Somehow, this episode is different. I find myself in a world without Facebook and Instagram. There is no digital backup of life, and no tattoos on my body. The fire has damaged more than my … Continue reading Human mind

One step forward, two ….

one step forward, two steps backwardtill I know not where to golost map, broken compass, yet ....the needle keeps me going till I know not where to govision obscured by wallsthe needle keeps me goingtakes me somewhere, where I need to be vision obscured by wallsa pointer to destinytakes me somewhere, where I need to … Continue reading One step forward, two ….