We love Grandma, and yet are never on the same page where food is concerned. She cannot appreciate the subtle flavors in a pasta or pizza, or the convenience of having carbs, proteins and fats all in a single meal. She is so stuck up in her concept of a traditional Indian thali meal. Who has the time for that kind of luxury eating?

Yet, today, as I celebrate a festival away from home, I miss the unique, delicate flavors of different dishes. I try to put a meal together. I am more Indian at heart than I realized.

(99 words)

P.S. Thali is a large metal plate which accomodates several smaller bowls for main dishes, while the flat breads, rice, condiments,salads and fried snack accompaniments are placed directly on the plate. ‘Thali meal’ denotes an elaborate traditional Indian meal.


September 13: Flash Fiction Challenge #Carrot Ranch Literary Community


9 thoughts on “Tradition

  1. Oh, I love this one! It reminds me of my grandparents who were so Anglo-white that pizza and marinara seem too ‘exotic.’ I found it so incredibly cool that someone with Indian heritage can have so similar an experience, and yet so different!

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