Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 54

Michael explores the different facets of rejection ….




I think one of the great fears that hangs over our heads is that of rejection. It comes in all forms, and when you’ve lived a fair while on this earth, you have had periods where rejection has weighed heavily upon you.

I think for me the sort of rejection you sometimes feel emanating from your children hurts the most.

Thankfully it doesn’t come all that often but when it does you find yourself sitting up wondering what it is that you are feeling and why.

I have been in what you might call two ‘real’ relationships in my life.

They were both disastrous and ended in a lot of pain and trauma.

My kids the product of my first relationship, a marriage that lasted twenty plus years are very sympathetic to my plight and subsequent life beyond those years.

After my second relationship ended my kids spoke up…

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