The structure of the township has changed. I hope to find an old soul with whom I can reconnect, but they’ve disappeared or changed.

Then, I find some of them on social media. Facebook, WhatsApp help us reconnect. There’s a  quaint group where everybody reminisces for sometime, and then conversations drop down to inane forwards or exchanging personal news.

Hometowns keep shifting, as I look for kindred spirits. It’s not easy for anyone.They need to travel back to where I came from, and then reconnect with the person I’m today.

Who’ll want to be in biographical journeys though?



9 thoughts on “Hometown

  1. It’s hard going backwards… We’ve contacted friends from our past and they seem so “changed…” In fact, often we’ve found that those old friends don’t share our worldview anymore. I’ve decided that means that we (my hubby and I) have grown, while they stayed the same, or maybe we never changed but they did. Move forward, not backward. ❤

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  2. I hadn’t thought about it getting harder to find kindred spirit, but the idea of having to travel back to one’s hometown explains why. You do a great job of extracting the philosophical from the prompts, Reena.

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  3. We all are ever growing and changing. I always find that memories from long ago never represent the present, just something lost and gone. I reach for them seeking comfort and familiarity, but it’s never as I hope. It’s here and now that grants us the power to move forward and truly connect with others, without expectations. Much of the time we can’t relate to those who share our past, no matter how hard we try. In essence, we aren’t even those people anymore. Thought provoking piece Reena, wonderful writing.

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