Weighty tales

I couldn’t believe it was her. The eyes shone bright as ever, but the rest of her was lost under pounds of flesh. Yet, the famous hostess of a cooking show attracted attention. She starts with a story. “I dated an overweight guy and wanted him to lose weight. It did not happen, but I … More Weighty tales

Stars in the sands

“Join me to start a new initiative – social, creative or commercial”, I said. “It’s the closest friendship I can think of.” They give me blank looks.  “You’re busy in a lockdown?” I hear amused remarks. I stay away, not wanting to be a part of the idlers’ club. I’m politely labelled  unsocial, and treated … More Stars in the sands


shrill allegations piercing souls raised fingers I’ll break some day… What are they trying to make me feel guilty about? I want to give them mirrors which show pictures like those of Dorian Gray podcasts which repeat their word bullets smash their eardrums deep sense of inadequacy their egos demand unquestioning obedience as they get … More Cacophony

The Blue Door

The door was never locked, just pulled tight. She kept floating in self-doubt, inadequacy and a guilt about not being what others expected her to be. Deep down, she knew the allegations are not true. But there was no way out. There was no way of getting rid of antagonistic shadows. Today, that one truth … More The Blue Door


The structure of the township has changed. I hope to find an old soul with whom I can reconnect, but they’ve disappeared or changed. Then, I find some of them on social media. Facebook, WhatsApp help us reconnect. There’s a  quaint group where everybody reminisces for sometime, and then conversations drop down to inane forwards … More Hometown

Time traveller

The black and white picture set a furore amongst believers in time travel. One of the people in the crowd is holding a mobile phone in the last century. Was he a visitor from the future? How come he was not identified as an alien, and continued to talk on the phone in the crowd? … More Time traveller

Chirpy Mornings

My morning starts with chirping of birds on the ledge.  They keep communicating, while gorging on biscuit crumbs. At times, they fly away suddenly as my cat, Rainbow barges into the room.  One of the lovebirds is quite bold. She continues to demand fearlessly, about six inches away from my hand. Then, I notice the … More Chirpy Mornings


Inequality pervades the system, so that equality remains a cherished goal. Solstices are celebrated because the seemingly opposing forces of day and night are equal only twice in a year…. The pages of the diary flutter as he drops it off. It never struck him that she was feeling neglected and the inferior being in … More Solstice


Simon is the best pet-trainer in town… I scroll down to read the story further, as Mojo nibbles at my toes. Simon lost a lucrative corporate job during the pandemic. He started moonlighting as a pet trainer. His USP: He knows the requirements of a virtual office at home. Pets are trained to remain silent … More Mojo


Nature’s fury unleashed scream headlines after the tsunami. Who or what had held its fury on leash, seething, boiling in the underbelly of aquatic worlds – close to the heart of earth, but not quite there? Does it lash out at pre-selected targets, or is it a random act of revenge? Did it step out … More Tsunami