Very few people know that the much-eulogised greenery and ambient temperatures of this small town are a gift from my father. I take pride in being born to this humble auto-rickshaw driver who carried seeds with him, and planted some on the roadside, whenever he did not have a passenger to ferry. When I lost … More OBITUARY


He’s charming. He showers praise on every little effort I make to keep the office machine running smoothly. Yet, I’ve a certain sense which reads between lines. Things can’t always be hunky-dory, so it made sense to accept that job offer which paid more. He doesn’t want to let me go, and is using every … More Personalities

Swift Passage

She absorbs colours of the world to succeed and makes them her own.  The world remains busy admiring her colourful robes, hair, eyes and everything she cares to don. She’s the Queen of Hearts. One evening, she is found dead in the bath tub of a hotel room. Nobody really knew what was happening in … More Swift Passage

Sweet Potatoes

My friend who is diagnosed with breast cancer tells me, sweet potatoes are anti-carcinogen. She has them baked, every day. I don’t relish it much, so try a sweet potato pudding with thickened milk and sugar. It turns out well, but sugar releases free radicals, which can induce body cells to go berserk and become … More Sweet Potatoes

He wished he had…

We want to earn, not beg. Help us earn our livelihood. He saw a huge crowd carrying similar placards, snaking its way through streets. Is that Emily? Yes, she is leading the procession. But why? Later in the evening …. “You don’t qualify to be called domestic help.” “Really? Who has been managing the house … More He wished he had…


Spending a fortune on a pair of high heels did not help much. The discomfort remained as with the lesser pairs, and I had it to pad it with cushions and toe covers, and practise walking on preciousness. I did think renting would have been a better option. But what if Prince Charming came looking … More Stilettos

Brain fog

They found me in a village 14 kms away from the hospital. My covid-affected legs are not strong enough to walk the distance. I don’t know how I reached there. A white rabbit which kept jumping in and out in an unusual manner attracted the attention of the search team.  What if the rabbit had … More Brain fog

Whose traditions?

There is a distinct sense of unease around the oncoming festival. She knows that certain things can’t be done. “But we aren’t having any visitors”, said her husband, \’just cook and eat and decorate the house as you like. Post some pictures with a wistful write-up on social media.” “It’s all a joke for you”, … More Whose traditions?


“#MeToo movement is not over yet, and here comes the drug-peddling scandal…” “Why does it bother you?” “Some of us are being victimised…..” “Are you sure you’ve never done it to others?” The big time film director looked flustered. He is not used to this kind of a response. “Well, it affects the manner in … More Snacking

Now why?

The road trip was taken against her wish. A sense of foreboding descended on her, as they drove on the same zig-zag roads climbing up the mountains, but she controlled herself. Teenage children don’t listen anyway. The familiar refrain of a song brought her out of her reverie. “OMG! This is not possible. It’s the … More Now why?