Sun and Water

Water falls, because a gravitational force pulls it down. In the right atmosphere, it vaporizes to steam and moves upwards. It chooses when, where and how to fall. Water freezes. You are able to walk on snow with the right boots. Your homes are not ravaged by floods. forces all-pervasive combine to make you feel … Continue reading Sun and Water


Meeting Truth

“Have you heard the story where Truth and Lies go for a swim in a pond? Lies jumps out and disappears wearing Truth’s clothes. Since then, Lies masquerade as Truth all over, and Truth is too embarrassed to come out of the pond.” “What makes you think of the parable now?” “Well, I met Truth … Continue reading Meeting Truth

Missed flight He is a celebrated super star. His brother plays the drum in a local band in Virginia, USA. They grew up in the same house, with similar interests. They applied for admission to foreign universities, and cleared all exams by studying together. “Would you like to tell us how you reached where you are … Continue reading Missed flight

Tools If smallness bothers me, I humiliate others. If inadequacy nags, I tell others they are not perfect. Emptiness in my life drives me to get involved in other lives, stick to them like a leech they can’t get rid of. I transfer all my stress. I feed on their discomfort. I have my battles … Continue reading Tools

Ineptitude He trudges on in the desert, as the weight of the basket increases with every step. Special boots do not help. The glasses he wears obstruct clear vision, The compass shows a certain direction, but he’s not sure why is he following that. The ineptitude shows. He has never been trained for mental strength … Continue reading Ineptitude

Changing colours

The dress is sewed and put together with care over a period of six months. Her mother picks up unusual items for creative placement as embellishments. The last one is supposed to be a fresh flower picked on the morning of the gala event. She looks at it wistfully, and wonders if it will qualify … Continue reading Changing colours

Evolutionary journeys

It is like getting to know them all over again, when they visit in the holidays - the long phone calls and FaceTime chats notwithstanding. Reality strikes hard. It’s not enough to know what they are eating or wearing. I don’t know what goes through their minds in the interim phase, and what journeys they … Continue reading Evolutionary journeys

Daughter of the Earth Mother Earth gifted him a daughter. King Janak always knew she’ll ultimately return, just like she emerged in a pot - a cute baby asking to be reared - but aware all the time she is the Mother. He did his best to raise her like a princess, and married her to a Prince. … Continue reading Daughter of the Earth


What I call a whisper is too loud for someMy breath blows away living beingsI can't hear below twenty decibelsmy heart murmurs away all life My breath blows away living beingsI cannot contain my own powermy heart murmurs away all lifeIt makes its beats felt sometimes I cannot contain my own powerWhat I call a … Continue reading Battles

Kolaba Fort, Alibag

Silly me! I led my colleagues to a fort in between the sea, without checking high tide timings. And there we were …. stuck in the fort for the entire day, because we couldn’t go across the water to reach shore. Luckily for us, there was a feast on in the temple inside. They served … Continue reading Kolaba Fort, Alibag