Self-righteousness and undying loyalty could not resurrect him.

Little did he know he’s a tool used by his mother to usurp power.

The matriarch set a rule, everyone had to obey her first-born son. She made sure that he obeyed no one but her, and wielded control through him.

Little did the loyal soldier know that the people he humiliated to support his mother responded with negativity, which turned into cancerous growths.

He bore the brunt of it all. The puppeteer was safe.

He was given power to hurt, but never requisite power to heal himself.



4 thoughts on “Power

  1. Hi Reena. I like the power plays here between puppeteer and puppet, and that given all his powers he had none to help himself when it mattered.

    On a different note, we talked recently (can’t find the actual comment thread) about dreams, and ‘dreams within dreams’, and you suggested I wrote something on that subject… I did 😊
    If you don’t mind me sharing the link here: https://theatomicmage.com/2021/07/10/the-dream-within-a-dream/


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