Life – Authored by ….

Gigi assembled her planners, her calendars, her pens, pouches, and post-its before her on the desk and stood over them like a general surveying maps.

These are bits and pieces of her life, and there is no point in denying or denigrating it. Her autobiography would be a collage made from these, and a little more.

What troubles her today is the driving force behind it. Is she truly there? Different faces and voices pop up between the cracks.

You are the best, and I know you will carry the tradition forward.

A woman always puts her family’s interests before her own.

You cannot let me down.

The best employee award goes to Gigi…

You are a daughter, wife, mother, sister ……

She brought out two bottles of archaic-looking ink. One was black, and another fluorescent. Who uses ink other than printer cartridges?

Well, paints and software programs are also fine, but she chooses inks – to blacken out certain parts, and rewrite others in a script of her own. 

She thinks of buying white-out fluid, but orders a ream of papers instead, and some spiral binders. She’ll put those together in her own way.

LIFE …. Authored by Gigi

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