At the end of the week, Aiden mustered up the courage to go into his father’s room. He immediately sensed he did not want to be there. This is not the person on whose shoulders he had grown up. This man is a stranger with sunken eyes and a blank look.  Then a light shone … More Impact


The problem with a mask is that sometimes you forget how to take it off. It becomes a second skin and you get comfortable in it.  The bigger problem is when you look in the mirror and believe it’s your face. Not that having a face really matters….. It’s far more convenient to switch faces, … More Backdrop

Light of Truth

Only the elders remembered a blue sky. The sky looked dark and waters muddy after that fateful evening. Mythological tales surround the event.  Some believe it is the result of a long war between humans and gods. Humans won, and the gods were pushed to the Deep, Dark Underground to live there forever. The sky … More Light of Truth

Bleeding stories

“Whatever you do, you can’t do that.” “But why?” “It will open up not just a can of worms, but a tanker full of serpents.” “Are you talking of the stories of female foeticide and a girl infant killed because she was born blind? Are you talking about the male sex-addict who indulged in shameful … More Bleeding stories


Today, Tristan decided to be a pirate. I secretly envied the richness of his imaginary life. He chose a new character to act out every day. I encouraged it, as it inculcated the habit of reading. Videos give a different lens, so I just want him to read and enact it out. I enjoyed the … More Lens

Stormy skies

Nights in our desert were clear and cold.I can’t forget, I’m not so oldthese misty skies speak a different tonguelashing out from cloudy moulds I can’t forget, I’m not so oldstormy skies are one of a kindlashing out from cloudy mouldsI’m not old, but I lose my mind stormy skies are one of a kindnights … More Stormy skies

The Black Cat

Izzy didn’t believe in luck, until that cat crossed her path. It was the luckiest day in her life, a day she will cherish as long as she lives, and maybe after that. She often sees that cat on the moon, blessing her even after crossing over to other worlds. The mere act of adopting … More The Black Cat

Counting steps

August approached in a golden sweltering haze. It does every year, as Leo season begins, and astrologers start writing rosy forecasts. In a few days ….life goes back to normal, with all its struggles, joys, sorrows …. as it was before I turned another leaf in the book of Time. How do we end up … More Counting steps


I summon you, Beasts of War! I struggled hard to convince I cried out from depths of my soul but nobody winced… Was it out of guilt or misplaced expectations Which I’ll never fulfil defiance invokes hatred works overtime to make my defences crumble, make me see red It does not happen Loops of conflict … More War


I am the monster of every story. Do you see the Devil in me? Maybe you do, with the lenses you wear and the indoctrination you carry. I am a free soul, who does not accept suggestions, and does what keeps me happy. Sounds monstrous? Isn’t it? How can someone be so isolated? I guess … More Monsters